the ahp career framework implemented in huddersfield calderdale l.
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The AHP Career Framework – Implemented in Huddersfield & Calderdale PowerPoint Presentation
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The AHP Career Framework – Implemented in Huddersfield & Calderdale

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The AHP Career Framework – Implemented in Huddersfield & Calderdale - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The AHP Career Framework – Implemented in Huddersfield & Calderdale . Outcome model adopted by all Sector Skills Councils. Start with defining the goal i.e. what the sector and its customers need – high quality, cost effective health care

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The AHP Career Framework – Implemented in Huddersfield & Calderdale

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outcome model adopted by all sector skills councils
Outcome model adopted by all Sector Skills Councils

Start with defining the goal i.e. what the sector and its customers need – high quality, cost effective health care

Focus on what needs to be done – not who does it or where it is


Set at the level of individual performance

Describe applied knowledge and skills

Together, these are known as National Occupational Standards (NOS)

benefits of an outcome model
Benefits of an outcome model

Education and learning focussed on workplace needs

Assessment against criteria expected in the workplace

Workforce flexibility rather than entrenched approaches

Consistency in practice across locations and practitioner groups

what are national occupational standards nos
What are National Occupational Standards (NOS)?

Description of what successful performance of a work activity needs to be like

Starting point is patient and service need regardless of who or where delivered

Transparent, objective and transferable

UK wide

Developed through a process of research and consultation within the sector

career framework

The Career Framework provides guidance for NHS and partner organisations on the implementation of the flexible career and skills escalator concept, enabling an individual member of staff with transferable competency based skills to progress in a direction which meets workforce, service and individual need


More Senior Staff


Consultant Practitioners


Advanced Practitioners


Senior Practitioners




Assistant Practitioners


Senior Assistants/Technicians


Support Workers


Initial Entry Level Jobs

career framework6
Career Framework

Common language and currency offering:

Consistency – provides an structure that is easy to understand

Progression- means of articulating achievements and identify options available for progression

Flexibility- national consistency with flexibility for local health organisations

levelling jobs
Levelling Jobs
  • 1.Knowledge, Skills, Training and Experience
  • 2. Supervision
  • 3. Professional and vocational competence
  • 4. Analytical / Clinical Skills and Patient Care
  • 5. Organisational Skills and Autonomy/Freedom to Act
  • 6. Planning, Policy and Service Development
  • 7. Financial, Administration, Physical and Human Resources
  • 8. Research and Development
what functions can the competence based career framework be used for
What functions can the competence based Career Framework be used for?

Personal Development

Organisational Development

Career Framework for Health

Service Improvement

applications of the career framework
Applications of the Career Framework
  • Public Health
  • Allied Health Professions
  • Healthcare Scientists
  • Psychological Therapies
  • Heath Informatics
  • Local applications – West Midlands
career framework model

Wider Healthcare Team


Nurses and Midwives



Other e.g. Public Health /

Health informatics etc.

Career Framework Model

Single database


Levelled Roles

And Jobs


Levelled Roles

and Jobs


Diagnostic Radiography

Occupational Therapy



Director of


Head of Pharmacy

& Dietetics


Occupational Health


Consultant Radiographer

Stroke Manager

Dietetic Manager


Clinical Specialist

Advanced Practitioner


Physio Team Leader

Community Food

Worker Team Leader


Specialist OT

Senior Radiographer

Specialist Physio

Community Dietitian


Occupational Therapist



Dietitian Basic Grade


OT Assistant

Assistant Practitioner



Practitioner (Falls)

Support worker for

Community Dietitian


OT Support Worker

Radiography Helper

Technical Instructor

Community Food





Physio Assistant






CareerFramework for AHPs

Director of


how can it be used
How can it be used?

Service Managers/ Commissioners

Define the competences that services, teams and individuals must have in order to meet patient needs


Develop the team to reflect these.

how does it help an organisation
How does it help an organisation?
  • Workforce planning
  • Workforce modelling
  • Workforce implications of service redesign
  • Succession planning
calderdale and huddersfield foundation trust
Calderdale and Huddersfield Foundation Trust

To identify:

Potential workforce solutions for optimising quality and productivity

To identify opportunities for staff progression

Contribute to the DARZI next stage review

Identify training needs.

project aims
Project Aims

Demonstrate the Strategic application of National Career framework

Modernised service models applied to Cancer and Orthopaedic Rehabilitation services

Explore the development of level 4 rehab assistant practitioner

what were the problems
What were the problems?
  • Service design and delivery was not focussed upon patient need.
  • Service struggling to keep pace with a number of factors including the advent of ‘choose & book’.
  • Inability to facilitate early discharge causing bed blocking.
  • Problem further exacerbated by frequent re-admissions.
  • Only a 9.00 to 4.30, Monday to Friday service offer.
  • Once discharged patients could receive up to 3 separate interventions per day.
  • Highly qualified staff regularly engaged in basic nursing or therapeutic tasks.
macmillan rehabilitation team
Macmillan Rehabilitation Team

Cancer patient community based rehabilitation

Occupational Therapy


Assistant staff /Support Workers

Links to Dietetics & SALT

elective orthopaedic discharge team
Elective Orthopaedic Discharge Team

Post operative community based rehabilitation

Occupational Therapy



Assistants / Support Workers

benefits realisation
Benefits Realisation

Define competences based on patient need

Generic competences for MDT

Development of new role

Development of educational requirements

Earlier Hospital Discharge

A seven day per week service offer

Improved effectiveness of service provision

Consistency of approach and service delivery

Career progression

Improved access to education

Fewer Re-admissions

Fewer separate interventions


Level 3 - Rehab at home (orthopaedics) Assistant

Level 3 - McMillan Cancer Rehab Assistant (Community) . Both of these roles are on the basis of carrying out Delegated tasks and are supported by a pre-existing NVQ

Level 4 - Assistant Practitioner Rehab at home (orthopaedics)

Level 4  - Assistant Practitioner , McMillan Cancer  Rehab.

Level 7 - Inter-disciplinary Blurred Boundary Advanced Practitioner (Physio, OT, and Nursing). These posts are supported by short top- up CPD units which have been developed by Huddersfield University.

thank you for your attention
Thank you for your Attention

Chris Lamb – 07899 895157

Jane Glennon – 07920 757695

Pippa Hodgson – 07768 996 014