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Matrix -No Changes PL Formations -Updates are out Mil Ball AAR is out FTX Need info from Cornell - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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S1. Matrix -No Changes PL Formations -Updates are out Mil Ball AAR is out FTX Need info from Cornell Loading matrix, B roster and STX all set…waiting on Patrolling (need Cornell's input). S1. Misc. - Fund raising dinner. Fundraising. Fundraising Dinner April 25th at Friendly’s

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  • Matrix

    -No Changes

  • PL Formations

    -Updates are out

  • Mil Ball

  • AAR is out

  • FTX

  • Need info from Cornell

  • Loading matrix, B roster and STX all set…waiting on Patrolling (need Cornell's input)

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  • Misc.

    - Fund raising dinner

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  • Fundraising Dinner

    • April 25th at Friendly’s

    • Going to need people to volunteer to take shifts there.

  • Did we want to do another car wash???

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  • Last Week

    • Helpsheet: Leadership Positions

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  • This Week

    • Helpsheet: Fieldcraft

    • Headlines:

      • President Bush is widely expected to veto the bill funding the Iraq war, which includes a timetable for withdrawal

      • An Iranian diplomat held captive for two months in Iraq was recently released

      • While Baghdad has become more secure with the additional troop assignments, according to an Iraqi spokesman the violence has simply moved to the surrounding areas.

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  • Next Week

    • If anyone has a fantastic idea for a helpsheet or anything else from the S2 shop for the rest of the semester, let me know

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  • 12APR2007: Static Load Training w/MSG Martinez

  • Non Contracted Cadets will conduct a Lab on Campus w/ MS IVs - TBD

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14-17APR2007: FTX at Ft. Indiantown Gap

ADVON: 13APR 0700

STX, Patrolling, M16 Zero and Qualification, Rappel, Obstacle Course, FLRC


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  • 21APR2007: Paintball Cancelled

  • 19APR2007: Replacement Lab TBD

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S3 - PT

  • PT Plan for 11 Apr

    • MSI-MSIII Record APFT

      • Makeup APFT 19 Apr

    • 0600 @ Manley Track

  • PT Plan for 12 Apr

    • PT @ Dome with rucks for FTX. Check packing list

    • Instr: CDT Maddigan

  • PT Plan for 13 Apr

    • No MSIII PT

  • PT Plan for 16 Apr

    • No PT (FTX)

  • MSIV Record APFT 23 Apr, time/loc TBD

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  • FTX

    • Annex was generated and distributed.

    • S-3, Any changes or additions?

    • Going to Staples to get colored shoe tags for A-bags and colored tape for weapons this week.

    • Going to generate weapons cards for CDT’s.

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  • Recruiting events

    • Spring Reception Campus Life Exposition

      • Friday 13th


    • Fulton Transfer day College Fair

      • April 24th

        0930- 1230

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  • Community Service

    • Meals on wheels

      • Tue Apr 10, Fri Apr 20, Tue Apr 24

    • United Way Food Bank of Central New York

      • 13 April, 20 April, 27 April, 4 May

    • Red Cross Blood Drive Table at shine

      • Friday 13th

        1000 - 1600

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  • Community Service (Cont.)

    • Red Cross Blood Drive

      • 18 April, 2 people

        • 2 people for 0830 set up

        • Shifts from 1000-1600

    • Adopt a Highway

      • April 21st

        0900 - 1200

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  • Last Week

    • Cadet of the Month page– up and running

    • Talked with CPT. Gurri and Moore about pictures from events.

    • Sent email to whole battalion about pictures– waiting on responses

    • Changed weekly events page, uploaded new C&S slides

    • Changed monthly calendar

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  • PT: 02APR AG Campus Run Ten points for the outside run route, was a little short

  • PT: 04APRInterval Run Lightning forced a move good adaptation on the fly

  • PT: 05APRUB&LB / Ultimate Football More variety in ub/lb improvement, ultimate football was a great change


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  • LAB: 5 APR Land Nav

  • Improves: Cadets wish they had more time.

  • Sustains: Cadets enjoyed being outside and getting some hands on Land Nav experience.

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  • Utica

    • Extra Help, 1900-2100, was OPORD (every week) and recon lanes

    • PT attendance as per usual

    • Lab was a STX lane (ambush) and also beginning of PCIs for FTX

    • LDP cards coming at me this week (maybe…)

    • End of semester counseling approaching

  • Oswego

    • Florek returned from CA

    • Adler went to MEPS for in processing

    • High school track request denied

    • Setting up a recruiting table at Cayuga Community College in forthcoming weeks

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  • PT

    • 11 APR (W): APFT

    • 12 APR (Th): Maddigan by Groh

    • 16 APR (M): FTX

  • Rotation change 9 APR

  • Rotation cards due 19 APR