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Layered Curriculum PowerPoint Presentation
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Layered Curriculum

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Layered Curriculum
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Layered Curriculum

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    1. Layered Curriculum For teachers with more than one student in their classroom.

    3. Does one size fit all? Or, is there a better way to meet the needs of all students in a regular classroom? Add videoAdd video

    4. Tools of the Trade Learning Styles Rita Dunn & Others Multiple Intelligences Howard Gardner Mind Styles Anthony Gregoric Blooms Taxonomy Instructional Strategies Robert Marzano Differentiated Instructional Model Cooperative Learning Johnson & Johnson

    5. Key Concept #1 Voice and Choice Students want control. If you dont offer it, they take it.

    6. Paradigm Shift Choice requires knowledge (ex: 7 & 8th graders) 1. They don't all learn the same way--demonstrated w/ VARK 2. They need to know HOW to learn--VARK help sheets 3. They need to know that just because they PREFER to learn visually, they CAN learn through other modalities. 4. They need to know BASIC brain parts; cortex, hypothalamus, brain stem, etc 5. They need to know how their brain works; just the basics like when they learn something new a protein marker is made and if they don't SLEEP it's wiped away. 6. They need to know WHY they should learn--links to healthy dendrites and Alzheimers; Charlie Brown Christmas tree v. healthy oak Who needs to Know? They do!!!

    7. What does Mikey Need? I have Empowered Dr. Clough with the ability to choose what he needs to be successful today!!

    8. Key Concept #2 Novelty If students know what to expect before coming to class, you have already lost them. Dr. John Penick

    9. Key Concept #3 Accountability Students learning rather than just doing Students responsible for their own learning

    10. Key Concept #4 Personal Needs Met Name some that are needed for a student to be able to maximize learning??

    11. A major Goal Encourage Higher Level Thinking Blooms taxonomy Remember Understand Apply Analyze Evaluate Create

    12. The of Layered Curriculum Layer C -- Remember and Understand Basic content & vocabulary Layer B Apply and Analyze Labs & projects Layer A Evaluate and Create Critical thinking & problem solving

    13. Layer C for Visual Learners Read the chapter and explain the illustrations Find a magazine article and highlight the key ideas Complete a concept map for the topic Watch video and do follow-up assignment

    14. Layer Cfor Auditory Learners Listen to the book on tape. Listen to lecture. Watch/listen to video. Debate concepts in a group of four. Read a magazine article with a friend taking turns reading out loud.

    15. Layer Cfor Readers and Writers Read the text and answer questions Write a chapter summary Listen to lecture and take notes Complete Guided Reading worksheets Read supplemental articles and write a report

    16. Layer Cfor Kinesthetic Learners Complete a scavenger hunt through the chapter. Read case studies and highlight key concepts. Play vocabulary charades with a friend. Play chapter trivia games.

    17. Layer B Apply and Analyze Activities Labs Webquests Videos Presentations Write test questions and provide an answer key

    18. Layer A Evaluate and Create Pose critical thinking questions Extensive projects Individualized Research Questions Interdisciplinary projects

    19. Resources