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Introduction. Introduce the Los Angeles Hardwood Lumberman’s Club. Break down some of the various Southern California Markets. Share the results of a survey taken by members of the L.A.H.L.C. Los Angeles Hardwood Lumberman’s Club. Started- Members Objective. Present.

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Introduce the Los Angeles Hardwood

Lumberman’s Club.

Break down some of the various Southern

California Markets.

Share the results of a survey taken by members

of the L.A.H.L.C.

  • Total Number of Members over the years
  • Current Regular members
    • Women Members
    • Represent # of Companies
    • Six Southern California Counties

CountyPopulation (2002 est.)

Los Angeles 9,806,577

Orange 2,938,507

Riverside 1,699,112

San Bernardino 1,816,072

San Diego 2,906,660

Ventura 783,920

Total 19,950,848

    • Nevada, Arizona and Mexico
organizational objectives
Organizational Objectives
  • Social
    • Meetings, Spouses Night, Xmas Party
  • Educational
    • Guest Speakers
  • Fund Raising
    • Yearly Golf Tournament
      • Participants=
      • $10,000 + to the Hardwood Forest Foundation
      • Any one wishing to participate as a sponsor can contact me later.
  • Furniture
    • Home Furnishings : Are being beaten up by the Imports in the mid level and lower priced furniture especially. Upholstered furniture seems to be weathering the import barrage, for now.
    • Hospitality Furniture: Making improvements since 9/11 put a damper on the travel industry. Showing good signs.
    • Office Furniture: Have faced a few bad years but are showing signs of doing better.
  • Kitchen Cabinets
    • Very Good! Where are all these people supposed to live.
  • Architectural Millwork
    • Follows construction Trends
  • Doors and Shutters
    • Doing well
  • Wood Flooring
    • Hot !!!
survey results
Survey Results
  • Sales of West Coast species average approximately 20% of the total sales volume to the individual companies.
  • A trend shows increases in these sales over the last 3 years.
  • Demand has been extremely strong for Alder, P.C. Maple and P.C. Birch.
  • But 80% report that they and the end users were unable to secure the lumber needed to satisfy demand.
    • They are either substituting species or grades to try and satisfy this void.
    • There is a growing frustration at both the Distribution and End User levels due to :
      • Inconsistencies in supply
      • Inconsistencies in grading from one mill to the next
      • Rapidly rising prices
      • * Not knowing what to expect in the future puts doubts into committing to these species in the future.
    • 90% of the responding members feel this is going to have long term ramifications
  • 100% of those responding would welcome a speaker from the WHA or individual companies to attend one of our educational meetings and discuss other West Coast species or discuss the problems we are currently facing.
  • Outlook to the future amongst the majority is positive.
  • Questions