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DoDAAD Country Codes

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DoDAAD Country Codes. Supply PRC Oct 14, 2008. Defense Logistics Management Standards Office (DLMSO) Briefing Purpose. Provide an overview of DoDAAD Country Code Table Examine PDC 325 Provide alternative solution Answer your questions.

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dodaad country codes

DoDAAD Country Codes



Oct 14, 2008

Defense Logistics Management Standards Office (DLMSO)


Briefing Purpose

  • Provide an overview of DoDAAD Country Code Table
  • Examine PDC 325
  • Provide alternative solution
  • Answer your questions

DoDAAD Reengineering Goals

  • Improve data accuracy, consistency and timeliness
    • Web maintenance actions by CSPs update DODAAD in real-time
    • Maximize use of drop down menus & new edits enhance quality
    • Several new data fields added to database
  • Provide Component applications access to Master DoDAAD
    • Application systems are current within minutes rather than 2-3 days
    • Database replication demonstrated an operational success
  • Continuing process improvements ongoing
    • Additional edits, table matching and drop downs to improve quality
    • Add new data fields and add new real-time application system users
dodaad country code table
DoDAAD Country Code Table
  • DoDAAD Country Code table is currently only used to support the DoDAAD
  • Table provides country codes from the four “country code standards” used by DoD Components:
    • MILS
    • FIPS
    • FMS
    • ISO (2 characters)
    • ISO (3 characters)
  • Table was originally built as a composite – if country (activity in the case of FMS) appeared in one of the four standards it was added to the table
dodaad country code table sample
DoDAAD Country Code Table Sample
  • Codes are only unique within a standard. “AU” can be Australia or Austria.
  • Some codes only exist for one standard. For Example, Ascension Island does not exist outside of MILSTRIP.
dodaad country code table use
DoDAAD Country Code Table Use
  • Each DoDAAC Address is assigned a country
  • All four country code standards (five codes) are in the database for each DoDAAC address
  • Same Country Code Table will be used to support MAPAD reengineering
  • DoDAAC Country Code Table is used only to assign country codes to DoDAAC and MAPAC addresses. No FMS activities/programs should be ever be used as DoDAAC or MAPAC country locations.

ISO Anchor

  • The DoDAAD country codes table required an anchor (key field). A field that would always contain a unique value.
  • ISO is the DoD preferred standard, so ISO was chosen to be the anchor for DoDAAD country code table
  • Exceptions: Some countries (e.g., Kosovo, Wake Island) are not in ISO. Pseudo ISO codes were created to fill the void. The Pseudo ISO codes are clearly identified.
proposed dlms change pdc 325
Proposed DLMS Change (PDC) 325
  • DoDAAD country codes contains both countries and activity codes
  • Activity codes identify FMS related programs and organizations, which may be applicable to a specific country or multiple countries, but are not appropriate for use in identifying the physical country for mailing, shipping, billing location information.
  • The DoDAAD only uses country codes, so PDC 325 was created to rename “Inactive” column as “Inactive Country or Activity (no drop down)”
  • This change was created to exclude the activity codes from appearing on the DoDAAD dropdown list to ensure that they are never chosen for DoDAAC addressing information.
possible alternative to pdc 325
Possible Alternative to PDC 325
  • Remove the Activity codes from the DoDAAD Country Code Table
  • No impact to the DoDAAD or the MAPAD
  • Table reduced by 87 codes that will never be used for DODAAD or MAPAD addressing
  • No need to update table when FMS Activity codes are added, changed or removed