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DHR Veterans Benefits

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DHR Veterans Benefits.

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DHR Veterans Benefits

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dhr veterans benefits
DHR Veterans Benefits

Veterans know they can use the GI Bill to pay for costs of education. However, many are unaware that they can also receive up to $15,480 (Active duty veterans) or $4,449 (Reserve Component) in tax free benefits for training 24 months in an On-The-Job (OJT) or Apprenticeship Training Program. The OJT Program offers eligible veterans an alternative way to use their benefits. Under OJT, veterans learn occupations by performing each job process described in a training program. While training, eligible participants receive monthly education benefits from the US Veterans Administration (in addition to their DHR salary). Once enrolled the DHR veteran has his/her supervisor sign off that they worked 30+ hours - that’s it!

If you are a DHR employee in a non supervisory/managerial position; within 10 years of honorable discharge; and contributed to a GI Bill program, YOU ARE PROBABLY ELIGIBLE!!


STATE APPROVING AGENCY(Georgia Department of Veterans Service)

Mission Statement

The Georgia Department of Veterans Service is designated by law with the responsibility for approving and supervising Georgia educational institutions and training establishments which offer education and training to veterans under Titles 10 and 38 of the U.S. Code (GI Bill).

The GI Bill
  • Established during WWII
  • Uninterrupted through today
  • Two main programs: education and training
  • Training benefits relatively unknown to most veterans
  • Current (2008) monthly benefit

Education: $1,321.00

Training: $990.75

Approval Process for DHR employees
  • DHR veteran contacts Georgia Department of Veterans Service
  • Employee submit veteran’s Training Request (VSO Form 55)
  • GA Dept of Veterans Service responds to employee supervisor
  • Employee supervisor and GA Department of Veterans Service review Training Program
  • Approval Visit
  • Approval sent to Georgia Department of Veterans Service
  • Veteran’s enrollment packet submitted to US Department of Veterans Administration (VA)
  • VA Processing time: about 3-4 months
Provisions of Approval
  • Trainee supervised 50% or more; formal training not required
  • No commission; only salaried or hourly employees
  • Veteran earns same wage as other employees in the same position
  • Maintain attendance, progress, and pay records
  • Notify GA Dept of Veterans Service if employment is terminated
  • Within 10 years from separation from active service
  • Veteran is newly hired or recently promoted
  • Eligible for the GI Bill (Honorable discharge)
  • National Guard and Reserve may be eligible
  • Reserve Education Assistance Program (REAP)
  • Enrollment limited to no more than 24 months (60 months for Apprenticeship program)
What Kind of DHR jobs are eligible?Non supervisory/managerial positions

Social Services Case Manager program associate police officer cookfamily independence case manager correction officer personnel analyst cardiovascular techelectriciantherapist staff development training coordinatorcontracting officer admin ops coordinatorplumber carpenterbudget analyst accountantprogram consultantNURSE quality assurance specialist clinical Lab tech phso pROgram consultantcontracts specialist NURSE customer service rep etc…IF IN DOUBT, CONTACT GA Department of Veterans Service to find out if you are eligible

DHR Benefits
  • Recruiting incentive
  • Retention
  • Quality employee
  • Morale
  • Negligible administrative requirements
georgia department of veterans service www sdvs georgia gov

Georgia Department of Veterans Servicewww.sdvs.georgia.gov

State Supervisor: Mr. Bill Jung

Area Coordinators

Larry Edwards

Harry D. Stumpf

Bobby Davis

Mark Bannister (404) 656-2322

(404) 656-2306

FAX. (404) 657-6276