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AutoCAD Lesson 2. Lecture 22. Question of the Day. What show is this theme song from?. ANSWER:. MacGyver. What is the first name of MacGyver?. ANSWER:. Angus. Topics For Today. Differences between Inventor and AutoCAD AutoCAD Lesson 2 (You should have read Lesson 1 by now!)

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Autocad lesson 2

AutoCAD Lesson 2

Lecture 22

Question of the day
Question of the Day

  • What show is this theme song from?


  • MacGyver

What is the first name of MacGyver?


  • Angus

Topics for today
Topics For Today

  • Differences between Inventor and AutoCAD

  • AutoCAD Lesson 2

    • (You should have read Lesson 1 by now!)

  • Creating a Borderline and Titleblock

Inventor and autocad
Inventor and AutoCAD

  • Inventor

    • Create a sketch with features

    • Use dimensioning to size and locate features

  • AutoCAD

    • Need to know features size and location

Inventor and autocad1
Inventor and AutoCAD

  • Inventor – A true parametric modeling program

    • Build the model and then extract drawings

    • Menus are on the top and left of the screen

    • Menus change as different tasks are employed

    • Bi-directional, fully associative functionality

Inventor and autocad2
Inventor and AutoCAD

  • AutoCAD – Originally just a 2D drawing program

    • In effect, electronic tools and a sheet of paper

    • The user original interface required word or letter commands be typed in

    • Icons have been added, but you can still use the older text commands

    • Many functions have been added – 3D solid modeling

Inventor and autocad3
Inventor and AutoCAD

  • AutoCAD – Originally just a 2D drawing program

    • Menus are set up on all four sides of screen

    • Many icons will match between Inventor and AutoCAD

    • As in Inventor, AutoCAD allows use of both left and right mouse buttons, although what pops up on menus may be worded differently for the some functions

Engineering drawings
Engineering Drawings

  • Drawing

  • Borderline and Title Block

    • Borderline – Space outside left blank so details are not lost if the edge of the drawing is torn

    • Title Block – Information about who did the drawing, when it was done, where it was saved

Autocad 2004
AutoCAD 2004

  • A 2D drawing and 3D modeling package

  • Will learn to use the software through a variety of guided exercises and homework assignments

  • Today's Lesson

    • Geometric Construction Basics

Autocad toolbars
AutoCAD Toolbars

Pull-down Menus

Draw Toolbar

Modify Toolbar

Graphics Cursor

Standard Toolbar

Object Properties Toolbar

Command Line

Cursor Coordinate Display

Graphics Window

Today s drawing
Today’s Drawing

This is object that will be drawn today

Autocad title block
AutoCAD Title Block

  • For each drawing that you turn in, you will need to insert a borderline and title block

  • After creating the figure for Lesson 2, save and close the Lesson 2 figure (GuidePlate) and use AutoCAD to draw a borderline and title block using the dimensions on page 10-21 (Inventor)

  • Make overall size 10x7.5 Adjust the sizes in the titleblock

  • Save this on your own disk as TitleBlock

Autocad title block1
AutoCAD Title Block


    • Complete the drawing

    • Go to Layout 1

      • Click OK when the window pops up

    • Use the Insert Command [INSERT]

      • Browse and Select the file “TITLEBLOCK” from your disk

      • Select Explode the Title Block (so you can edit)

    • Use the Edit Command to change the text [ED]

Tb step 1


TB – Step 1

Drawing is Complete

Tb step 2

Select OK

TB – Step 2

Tb step 3


INSERT Command

Select OK

Explode - Yes

TB – Step 3

Tb step 4

Click on Text (2)

Enter New Text

ED (edit) Command (1)

TB – Step 4

* Repeat for each Field *

Tb complete

Print Preview

TB - Complete

Completed Drawing

Autocad 2004 lesson 2
AutoCAD 2004 – Lesson 2

  • Work through the lesson at your own pace

  • Ask questions as they come up

  • Once the Guide Plate is drawn and saved then draw the TITLEBLOCK,

  • Insert the TITLEBLOCK on the GuidePlate drawing and do Print Preview. If everything is OK, print the drawing with the part and title block, print it and turn it in.

  • Think about what you are doing while you follow the steps.

  • Goal - be able to draw without the book!!