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My Authentic Task RWC presentation

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Welcome to my

Rugby World Cup

Task Presentation

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Hello, my name is

Rhys the Stick Figure.

Today I will tell you

about my Rugby World

Cup Authentic Task.

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Before I was told that

Pasadena would be

using the RWC as a

Task subject, on the

Internet I had come

across some people

saying that New Zealand

was to lose money by

hosting the World Cup.

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Now, I began to think

about why we had gone

ahead with hosting the

tournament, when some

were claiming that we

were to lose -

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Millions of dollars by

holding the Cuphere

in New Zealand.

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This is how I came up with

my essential question:“How is New Zealand

planning to earn back the

losses coming from the

Rugby World Cup?”

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First, on interest.co.nz and in the

New Zealand Herald, I found out

that the Government are still long

fromreaching their $39.5 million

target – 200,000 more tickets were

yet to be sold, and the shortfall, on

the 23/8, was $70,000,000!

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The New Zealand Government

were not only well aware of the

situation we were in – they

confirmed that the estimations

were TRUE!

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Then, I looked to the

websites of the New

Zealand Treasury and

IRD. As I found out, as of

May 31st, the assets of

the Government are

worth a total

$244.367 BILLION.

Slide11 l.jpg

That means that the

predictions were

quite irrelevant to the


Slide12 l.jpg

  • Then I thought, “If this is

  • barely even a problem for

  • the Government, are we

  • going to do anything to

  • try and earn back the

  • losses?” Who did I ask for an

  • answer? The Government.

  • RWC Minister Murray

  • McCullyto be exact.

Slide13 l.jpg

To my surprise, I got an

answer. Apparently, the

Government is hoping for the

following to earn back any losses.

  • International media attention

  • Broadening of

  • business relationships

  • International confidence in

  • our ability to host major events

  • Satisfied visitors endorsing

  • New Zealand

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To Recap …

Claims were made that NZ was

to lose money from the RWC.

The claims are 100% true, but

the Government aren’t planning

on doing anything about it,

because they have enough money

on their own to cover the losses.

Slide15 l.jpg

Back to my EQ – “How are we planning to earn

back any losses coming

from the RWC?”

The answer?

Slide16 l.jpg

We have left the situation in the

hands of the media, businesses,

event organizers, and tourists,

hoping that they decide to

showcase the RWC/promote a

business within NZ/organize a

major event here, or come here

as a tourist …

Slide17 l.jpg

… So, in the end, NO CHANGE

has come from this Task.


The situation may now seem irrelevant to

any New Zealander now, but it isn’t!

Slide18 l.jpg

We could actually help the

Government with “satisfied

visitors endorsing NZ”, and

make sure that it happens.

I then surveyed Room 10

on what they thought NZers

could do to contribute to

‘satisfying visitors that

endorse New Zealand’.

Slide19 l.jpg

The Results

30% - Be nice

and respectful

to them, and

help them out.

70% - Encourage tourists to

See our museums/beaches

/theme parks/zoos, etc.

Slide20 l.jpg

So, change has come

from my Task. I

plan on being nice

and respectful to the

tourists that are here

for the Rugby World

Cup. Will you?

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Headache or Cure?

The school question. From what I have found, my RWC Task has been both.

It seems that the RWC may

be a headache for the

Government, but it is a

cure for us, as normal NZers.

Slide22 l.jpg

What have I gained

from this Task?

Not just myself, but many

NZers have more responsibility in providing a good experience for these tourists. I also now have new opinions / perspectives of money, and the Government, and have new ideas for using resources.

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This has been Rhys

the Stick Figure’s

Rugby World Cup

Task Presentation.

I hope you enjoyed it,

and maybe even learnt

something along the way.

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Thanks for