the university of western australia collective staff agreements 2010
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The University of Western Australia Collective Staff Agreements 2010

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The University of Western Australia Collective Staff Agreements 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The University of Western Australia Collective Staff Agreements 2010. The Agreements. Expiry date 30 September 2012 Salary increases Academic Workload provisions Misconduct & Unsatisfactory Performance – Professional & General Staff Improved Severance for Ongoing Contingent Funded Staff

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Presentation Transcript
The Agreements
  • Expiry date 30 September 2012
  • Salary increases
  • Academic Workload provisions
  • Misconduct & Unsatisfactory Performance – Professional & General Staff
  • Improved Severance for Ongoing Contingent Funded Staff
  • Increase in PhD salary entry point - Academic Staff
  • Casuals
  • Leave
  • Offshore Work
  • 17% Superannuation: 2+ years service
Salary increases

11.5% Salary Increase Comprising three instalments

  • 3% increase paid 11th October 2010
  • 3.5% increase September 2011
  • 5% increase September 2012
Workloads – Academic Staff
  • Reasonable workloads and responsibility of supervisors to ensure workloads are fair, equitable and manageable.
  • Average 37.5 hours per week (1725 hours pa)
  • Workload Models factors for inclusion
  • Specify maximum teaching weeks (normally 26 weeks)
  • Workload Advisory Committee
  • Monitoring and reviewing of workload models
  • Promote establishment of workload models
Misconduct and Unsatisfactory Performance

Both Misconduct and Unsatisfactory Performance have been included in the Professional & General Staff Agreement to reflect current policies

Unsatisfactory Performance - reintroduces possible termination of a fixed term contract employee on the grounds of unsatisfactory performance

Misconduct- Agreement to include amended review provisions regarding research misconduct

- Requirement of Part B of the NHMRC/ARC Research Code

Increase in PhD salary entry point
  • Entry level for PhDs will increase from Level A step 7 to level A step 8
  • From 1 January 2011
Casual Employment
  • Increase in casual salary loading to 25% effective from beginning of first pay period after lodgement (11 October).
  • Recognition for additional marking based on in class/out of class criteria to be incorporated in Academic Casual Rates schedule
  • Casual Academic Research rates will be introduced.
  • Parental Leave
  • Annual Leave
  • Personal leave
  • Long service leave
  • Bereavement / compassionate
  • Community service leave
  • Employee funded additional leave
Parental Leave

Replacement of existing Return To Work Bonus with additional 12 or 22 weeks paid parental leave based on years of service.

12 months service required prior to each period of parental leave to access enhanced entitlement. (if not 14 weeks)

Leave (cont’d)

Annual Leave

Accrued leave in excess of 8 weeks is considered to be excess leave

Requirement to reduce leave on an annual basis to 4 weeks or less

Transition arrangements, greater than 8 week balance clearance of 50% within 12 months and 4 weeks or less within 24 months

Ability to cash out a minimum of 1 weeks leave with a minimum balance of 4 weeks – in cases of financial hardship only

Leave (cont’d)

Personal Leave (formerly Sick/Carers)

A wider definition of immediate family

Academic and Professional & General Staff are required to provide a medical certificate for absence of 3 or more consecutive working days

Leave (cont’d)

Long Service Leave

Academic staff have access to take pro-rata LSL after 7 years

Continuation of cessation of accrual when LSL is not cleared within 5 years of accrual

- Academic staff required to clear all LSL accrued

- Professional & General staff required to clear a minimum 6 weeks of LSL accrued

- Transition arrangements in place (Prof & Gen)

Leave (cont’d)

Bereavement/compassionate Leave

Bereavement/compassionate Leave

To be paid for up to 2 days on each permissable occasion with no limit on the number of occasions

Community Service Leave

Provisions are extended to Academic staff

Employee funded additional leave

Provisions extended to Academic staff

Additional 2 weeks to 8 weeks available under the Scheme

Leave (cont’d)

Offshore work to be defined as work performed outside Australia at the direction of the University

Participation will be voluntary except where the requirement is a genuine requirement of the position

Reimbursement of actual reasonable expenses

Notice of 2 weeks to be given except in emergency situations

Review during the life of the Agreement

Offshore Work

Ballot – opens at 8 am Tuesday 28 September and closes 5 pm Thursday 30 September 2010.

Lodgement – with Fair Work Australia

Approval – by Fair Work Australia

Implementation – salary increases and change to conditions