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CALMAC MEETING. July 18, 2007 Pacific Energy Center. Shel Feldman. Memorial Service

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calmac meeting


July 18, 2007

Pacific Energy Center

shel feldman
Shel Feldman

Memorial Service

Memorial services will be held this Thursday morning, July 19, in Madison at 9:00 am at the Cress Funeral Home on Speedway. Directly following the service the family, and anyone who wishes to come, will travel to Chicago for interment at the Shalom Memorial Park in Arlington Heights. Following will be a reception at Shel’s sister’s home in Chicago. Anyone living in the Chicago area is invited to attend. If you would like to participate, please contact Cara Lee Mahany Braithwait (; 608-231-2552) for additional details.

Shel & Eve Feldman Fund

IEPEC has changed the name of the recently established Eve Feldman Scholarship Fund to the Shel & Eve Feldman Fund. You can contribute to the fund by donating money to IEPEC earmarked for this fund. Send the check to Jane Peters, P.O. Box 12312, Portland, Oregon 97212. Write it out to IEPEC and make a note on the check that it is for the Shel & Eve Feldman Fund. The first scholarships from this fund will be awarded at IEPEC next month. At least one person from Shel’s family will be at IEPEC to present the scholarships to the students who will be benefiting from this fund.

Letters of Condolence

Letters of condolence can be sent to:

    Nikki Boyle (Shel’s daughter)

    5201 Timber Cove

  • Baton Rouge. LA 70808
attribution net to gross in the new millenium

Attribution & Net-To-Gross in the New Millenium

Rafael Friedmann

CALMAC Meeting

July 18, 2007

Pacific Energy Center

objectives for calmac 2007

Objectives for CALMAC 2007

Present key results of recent EM&V studies of California’s EnergyEfficiency Programs

Identify results that apply to 2006-08 programs

Showcase the variety of evaluation projects undertaken

Provide a forum for evaluators and implementers to exchange information

Identify key researchable issues going forward

evaluation in the context of the big bold world

Evaluation in the Context of the Big & Bold World

Context is changing to much more EE-friendly!

Private & Public engaged/interested/taking action

30 years of efforts:


Harvest Time!

Big-Bold Efforts Being Considered

Seek multi-partner involvement

Focus on much longer-term results

Issues for Evaluation:

Attribution of savings?


Need to focus on data collection & methods in this new world!

agenda july 18 2007

Agenda – July 18, 2007

9:30 - 9:45 Introduction – Rafael Friedmann CALMAC Chair 2007

9:45 – 11: 00 Evaluators’Panel presents recent efforts & views on Attribution and NTG

Tami Rasmussen“NTG for California IOUs’ 2004-2005 Upstream Lighting Program”

Donald R. Dohrmann"Methods for Estimating Net Savings for Statewide Residential Appliance Recycling Program“

Dan Violette“Select Issues in Attribution and Net-to-Gross – Practical Examples for Discussion”

Clark Bernier“NTG in the New Construction arena”

Mike Rufo“NTG in Long Lead Time Situations”

Doug Mahone“Codes & Standards: New Evaluation Findings & Updated Ex-Ante Estimates”

11:00 -12:00 Discussion on Attribution and Role of NTG

13:00-14:00 Discussion on Alternative Methods for Attribution

14:00-15:00 Action Plan – What Next?

15:00 Concludes

methods for estimating net savings for statewide residential appliance recycling program
Methods for Estimating Net Savings for Statewide Residential Appliance Recycling Program

Donald R. Dohrmann

discussion on attribution and role of ntg

Discussion on Attribution and Role of NTG

If our purpose is to maximize cost-effective energy savings to society,

Can evaluation still provide credible attribution findings for Portfolio & Program optimization?

Can NTG (free riders &/or spillover) be accurately estimated in today’s context?

What key conditions are needed for accurate estimation of NTG and/or attribution?

Where do these key conditions still exist? Where don’t they?

discussion on alternative methods for attribution

Discussion on Alternative Methods for Attribution

For situations where NTG no longer is deemed credible,

Can alternative evaluation methods still provide credible attribution findings for Portfolio & Program optimization?

Do these alternate methods need to be specific by customer segment, market situation, programs and/or measures?

What key data are needed for accurate estimation of attribution?

Do we collect this data already? What data is still needed?

action plan what next

Action Plan – What Next?

For situations where NTG no longer is deemed credible for attribution of savings,

How can the evaluation community determine the best course to follow?

What are the roles of key players within California and Nationwide?

What are key action items and who will be responsible for them?

What key deadlines need results of this work?


Please submit issues for future CALMAC Meetings to:

415 972 5799