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Modified Presentation on Luminis Platform. This presentation is taken from a much longer one by SCT It shows the main elements of a portal (slides 1-13) and outlines the implementation plan (slides 14-16). Product is called “Platform” by SCT, “Portal” by others

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Modified presentation on luminis platform l.jpg
Modified Presentation on Luminis Platform

  • This presentation is taken from a much longer one by SCT

  • It shows the main elements of a portal (slides 1-13) and outlines the implementation plan (slides 14-16).

  • Product is called “Platform” by SCT, “Portal” by others

  • The CMS is for the management of static public websites

  • The Portal has a login, and based on the person’s login, will present customized and interactive pages.

  • We expect to start with student, faculty, Alumni and staff portals; more will be added over time

  • Some applications shipped with the portal may not be implemented, or may not be mandatory (e.g. their email client)

  • Four Universities running the SCT Portals, and which have a guest login which lets you visit some parts of the site, is shown on the final slide.

Luminis channels for banner 7 x financial aid l.jpg
Luminis Channels for Banner 7.x content(Financial Aid)

Luminis channels for banner 7 x advancement l.jpg
Luminis Channels for Banner 7.x content(Advancement)

Luminis features functionality course schedule l.jpg
Luminis features & functionality: contentCourse schedule

Luminis platform functionality online group homepage l.jpg
Luminis Platform functionality: contentOnline group homepage

Luminis platform implementation assessment phase l.jpg
Luminis Platform Implementation contentAssessment Phase


  • Purpose / Value:

    Key decision makers and executives come together to identify the goals and of the project, determine necessary resources, create the project definition and identify the Executive Sponsor and Project Manager. Establishing executive advocacy ensures the consistent deployment of resources and priorities. This process provides the project teams with the guidelines and direction necessary for a successful implementation.

  • Activities

  • Establish project vision and objectives

  • Define project roles and responsibilities

  • Establish the high-level project timelines

  • Establish project definition

  • Establish communication processes

Luminis platform implementation assessment phase14 l.jpg
Luminis Platform Implementation contentAssessment Phase

Organizational Information Gathering / Technical Planning

  • Purpose / Value:

    SCT Luminis consultants collaborate with the institution’s project planning team and key stakeholders to gather organizational and technical requirements and dependencies for the implementation of Luminis. This activity makes use interviews, small-group interviews and focus groups to collect information that is then analyzed and distilled into technical approach and summary of findings and recommendations documentation for the scope of the project.

  • Activities

  • Gather user requirements and expectations from all constituent groups

  • Interview key contributors, subject matter experts, and technical team members

  • Identify high level data integration & content requirements

  • Identify process-related organizational impacts

  • Make recommendations for global and phase project scope

  • Identify technical requirements

  • Determine technical options and planning approach

Luminis platform implementation planning phase l.jpg
Luminis Platform Implementation contentPlanning Phase

Content Planning

  • Purpose / Value:

    This activity inventories content needs with the institution and builds a content plan for the SCT Luminis Platform. Content Planning identifies critical policies and processes and identifies key content publisher roles and resources necessary to customize the portal.

  • Activities

  • Design site layout and content plan

  • Plan SCT Luminis TM Platform content management strategy

  • Identify roles and responsibilities for creating and managing content

  • Determine processes for how and when content is published

Luminis platform implementation planning phase16 l.jpg
Luminis Platform Implementation contentPlanning Phase

Organizational Planning

  • Purpose / Value:

    Prepares the individual stakeholders and organizational entities that make up the institution’s user roles to successfully navigate/use the Luminis Portal tools for communication, collaboration, training and a single point of access to support their role at the institution.

  • Activities:

  • Identify organizational changes associated with use of Luminis

  • Develop strategies for managing organizational change

  • Identify communication and training needs

  • Create a roll-out strategy

  • Develop awareness/communication plan

  • Develop training plan

  • Develop metrics for evaluating project success (post-rollout)

  • Draft Organizational Readiness Plan

Luminis platform implementation implement phase l.jpg
Luminis Platform Implementation contentImplement Phase


  • Purpose/Value:

    Provide the installed system (complete with planned integration elements) for the institution to use in both test and production environments.

  • Activities:

  • Install, configure, and certify test instance of Luminis Platform

  • Install, configure, and certify production instance of Luminis Platform

Luminis platform implementation training phase l.jpg
Luminis Platform Implementation contentTraining Phase


  • Purpose/Value:

    Familiarize individuals who will be working with the Luminis platform on the tools and techniques they need to support system and content administration, user training, installations, integration protocols and readiness to go live requirements to ensure a successful implementation.

  • Activities:

  • System Administration Training

  • Software Development Kit Training

  • Content Administration Training

  • Platform Product Certification Training (User Training)

  • Luminis Platform Software test/production installations

Luminis platform implementation roadmap l.jpg
Luminis Platform Implementation Roadmap content

Pre-KO Planning / Kick-Off / Sys Ed / Project Scoping

Technical Planning Workshop

Organizational Information Gathering

Content Planning

Complete Content Matrix

Organizational Planning

Complete Organizational Readiness Plans

System Administration Training/ SDK Training

Complete Luminis test install

Content Administration Training

Set up default layouts/add content

Platform Product Certification Training

Train Luminis Portal Users

Complete Luminis Production Install/technical validation

Complete readiness to go live review


Re-Assess Activities

Month 1

Month 2

Month 2

Month 3

Month 3

Month 4

Month 4

Month 4/5

Month 5

Month 5/6

Month 6/7

Month 7

Month 8

Month 8/9

Month 9

Month 9

Month 12-18

SunGard SCT Consultant-facilitated activities shown in BLACK

Client-facilitated activities shown in WHITE

Sct portal clients with guest logins demos or tours l.jpg

Northeastern University content (guest account)

Plymouth State University (click on Demo)

Colorado State University (click on Demo)

Xavier University (click on Tour)

SCT Portal Clients with Guest Logins, Demos or Tours