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OhioWINS prepares students for the rigors of college and workplace writing PowerPoint Presentation
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OhioWINS prepares students for the rigors of college and workplace writing

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OhioWINS prepares students for the rigors of college and workplace writing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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OhioWINS prepares students for the rigors of college and workplace writing Magnitude of the problem Ohio finding solutions Professional development for teachers Positive results in the classroom The Magnitude of the Problem

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Presentation Transcript
ohiowins prepares students for the rigors of college and workplace writing
OhioWINS prepares students for the rigors of college and workplace writing

Magnitude of the problem

Ohio finding solutions

Professional development for teachers

Positive results in the classroom

the magnitude of the problem
The Magnitude of the Problem

“In 2001, colleges [nationally] required nearly one-third of first-year students to take remedial courses in reading, writing, or mathematics.”

NCES, 2003

the magnitude of the problem4
The Magnitude of the Problem

In Ohio…

21% of incoming freshmen take remedial English courses.

Ohio Board of Regents, 2006

the magnitude of the problem5
The Magnitude of the Problem

College instructors estimate that 50% of high school graduates are not ready for college-level English composition courses.

ACT, 2005

high cost of remediation
High Cost of Remediation

In Ohio…

public colleges spent approximately $15 million teaching 260,000 credit hours of high-school level courses to freshmen in 2000;

another $8.4 million was spent on older students.

OBR, 2001

student costs
Student Costs

“The cost of remediation for the 20,000 freshman in the state amounted to an additional $15 million in tuition.

Remedial courses account for 3.6% of total undergraduate costs.”

OBR, 2001

difficulty of earning a degree
Difficulty of Earning a Degree
  • “Only 27% of students who took remedial courses earned an associate degree or higher within six years, compared to
  • “54% of students who did not take remedial courses.”
  • “Non-remedial students are three times as likely to earn a bachelor’s degree (47%) as remedial students (15%).”

OBR, 2006

likelihood for reduced earnings
Likelihood for Reduced Earnings

Weekly Earnings and EducationFourth Qtr. 2006

Less than a highschool diploma

High school graduates,no college

Some college orassociate degree

College graduates,total

Usual Weekly Earnings of Wage and Salary Workers: Fourth Quarter 2006"

what are students lacking
What are students lacking?

“… some [applicants] don't have a college education and lack the basic foundation for the business world:

  • basic business writing
  • communication
  • organizational skills.”

Yolanda Garcia, project manager of security at Schlumberger Network Solutions, Houston

ohio finding solutions to eliminate need for remediation
Ohio finding solutions to eliminate need for remediation
  • Ohio Core legislation
    • Fully preparing high school graduates to succeed in post-secondary opportunities
    • Completion of the Ohio Core curriculum impacts graduating class of 2011
  • Ohio Writing Institute Network for Success (OhioWINS)
    • Preparing high school students for college and workplace writing
    • Created by the Ohio Board of Regents; funded by the State of Ohio
success in higher education is an achievable goal by improving student skills
Success in higher education is an achievable goal by improving student skills

OhioWINS was created to respond to Ohio's need to better prepare students to be proficient writers.

what is ohiowins
What is OhioWINS?
  • Brings college English department faculty together with K-12 teachers
  • Prepares students for the challenges of higher education and the workplace
  • Reduces the need for remedial English coursework in college
how does ohiowins work
How does OhioWINS work?


For teachers

For students

Summer Writing Institutes

Website Resources

Adult Workforce Education





Online courses

summer writing institutes network for success

Summer Writing Institutes

Summer Writing Institutes: Network for Success
  • Research-based professional development for teachers
  • Immersion into the
    • process of writing
    • teaching of writing
    • research base of writing
eleven summer writing institute sites






Wright State




Summer Writing Institutes

Eleven summer writing institute sites

Cuyahoga Community College

Kent State University

Miami University

The Ohio State University

Ohio University

Shawnee State University

University of Akron

University of Cincinnati

University of Toledo

Wright State University

Youngstown State University


Ohio U.

professional development for teachers

Summer Writing Institutes

Professional Development for Teachers

Conducted by college English faculty to meet the professional development needs of K-12 Ohio teachers

benefits to teachers

Summer Writing Institutes

Benefits to Teachers
  • Learn freshman composition expectations
  • Join a network of college English faculty and K-12 English language arts teachers
  • Engage in writing processes
  • Develop and identify best-practice lesson plans for teaching writing
  • Write assessment items, including prompts and rubrics
  • Receive training in the evaluation of writing
reinforces college readiness expectations

Summer Writing Institutes

Reinforces College Readiness Expectations

Increased teacher awareness:

  • High school-to-college academic transition
  • Ohio’s English Expectations for CollegeReadiness
  • Ohio’s English Language Arts Content Standards
provides teachers with best practices for teaching writing

Summer Writing Institutes

Provides Teachers with Best Practices for Teaching Writing
  • Writing process
  • Writing skills
  • Theoretical underpinnings of writing
  • Practical strategies to use in the classroom
positive results in the classroom

Summer Writing Institutes

Positive Results in the Classroom
  • Noticeable improvement in writing
  • Students assess their own work; they apply the elements of good writing
  • Students gain opportunities for success in college and the workplace
making a difference
Making a Difference

“Nowhere else has there been a platform for writing educators to have continued discussions about the best practices for teaching writing and preparing our students for their college careers.”

“I’ve managed to make good use of what I learned while still adhering to what CPS [Cincinnati Public Schools] requires of me. And I have seen the changes in my teaching affect my students’ writing for the better.”

“My classes at the institute had much to do with my success as a teacher and my students’ success on the OGT.”

ongoing impact of ohiowins program
Ongoing Impact of OhioWINS Program
  • Creation of professional learning communities within regions
  • Use of student data to guide instructional goals and decisions
  • Professional development tools found on OhioWINS website
instructional resources

Website Resources

Instructional Resources

Best practice lessons and units from the Ohio Resource Center collection

professional resources

Website Resources

Professional Resources
  • Journal articles
  • Professional reading
content resources

Website Resources

Content Resources
  • Find activities for use with writing
  • Find out more about instructional practice
remediation for adult workforce
Remediation for Adult Workforce

Writing remediation costs American businesses as much as $3.1 billion annually.

National Commission on Writing, 2004

course for adult workforce

Adult Workforce Education

Course for Adult Workforce
  • Helps returning students or older students prepare for college placement test
  • Determines readiness to take placement test for admission to college-level writing class
  • Includes reading assignments, exercises, and other resources
  • Aligns resources to College Readiness Expectations.
adult workforce course
Adult Workforce Course

Assignments based on writing needs of students

ohiowins the strategy is simple and it s working
OhioWINS: The strategy is simple, and it’s working!

High-quality professional development programs in writing instruction

Access to peer-reviewed, standards-aligned resources

Share best practices in the field

Show results in the classroom