popular culture and the city l.
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Popular Culture and the City

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Popular Culture and the City - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Popular Culture and the City. Yeah, We’re Studying Fun Stuff!. The Sociological Purpose of Music. Ornamentation Example: Weddings The Sacred and the Profane Makes religious ceremonies special Business

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popular culture and the city

Popular Culture and the City

Yeah, We’re Studying Fun Stuff!

the sociological purpose of music
The Sociological Purpose of Music
  • Ornamentation
    • Example: Weddings
  • The Sacred and the Profane
    • Makes religious ceremonies special
  • Business
    • Because a lot of money is involved in the music industry, Marxists would argue that race and class comes into play
music and space
Music and Space
  • Production of music is inherently locality-relevant
    • Local success; band needs to be geographically close
  • Musical taste is locality-relevant
    • Historically constructed, racial and cultural heritages, even laws and regulation
music and socioeconomic status
Music and Socioeconomic Status
  • Tastes are marked by race and SES
  • This has everything to do with residential segregation
  • Example: Rap Music
  • In short: community and pop characteristics interact to create regional musical tastes
punk rock and regional differences
Punk Rock and Regional Differences
  • England in the 1970s
  • The National Front
  • High unemployment
  • Very liberal, very aggressive
punk rock
Punk Rock
  • New York in the 1970s characterized by art and fashion
  • Many of the musicians were art students and influenced by the English punks
  • Result: more restrained
punk rock7
Punk Rock
  • Los Angeles punk was just sort of strange
  • Some bastardized combination of the English and New York Styles
  • Result: oddly, fashionably aggressive
other punk movements
Other Punk Movements
  • Washington, DC
    • Early, progressive, political, hardcore
  • “Cal” Punk
    • Surf pop inspired
  • Minneapolis
    • Indie Rock roots
  • Olympia
    • Politically progressive
business power elite and media
Business Power Elite and Media
  • Photography as a powerful arm of journalism
  • Censorship movements started from photojournalsim’s sensationalistic photographs
  • Howard Stern is a contemporary example
  • Corporations owning media outlets becomes problematic for journalists
hollywood and the world system
Hollywood and the World System
  • LA is the center of US movie-making
  • US is THE core country
  • In the world system, LA is the capital of moviemaking
  • Hong Kong styles of Kung-Fu were appropriated by LA filmmaking: “expropriation”
tv and stereotypes
TV and Stereotypes
  • 1950s showed idyllic suburban white family
  • Not accurate of suburban family life, but close enough so that families saw themselves in the shows
  • Showed women as subservient to husbands
tv and stereotypes12
TV and Stereotypes
  • 1960s-1970s portrayed black Americans on TV
  • But some stereotypes were reinforced by these portrayals