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Messaging David Cooper June 2006 Agenda Introductions Market environment Key technology topics Demonstration Next steps Introductions RW Communications Ltd, we are a small business ourselves who understand the pressures of running a company.

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David Cooper

June 2006

  • Introductions
  • Market environment
  • Key technology topics
  • Demonstration
  • Next steps
  • RW Communications Ltd, we are a small business ourselves who understand the pressures of running a company.
  • We have the required accreditations to ensure we are best placed with the Small Business community to serve their needs.
  • 8 staff members, 5 on support all trained to at least MCP standards.

The value of a Microsoft Small Business Specialist

  • One of a few partners that have a specialist focus on supporting small businesses and in the first 50 UK members to reach “Premium” status.
  • Focus on your business and not technology
  • Specially accredited to give ICT advise in a business context
i think that maybe inside any business there is someone slowly going crazy
“I think that maybe inside any business, there is someone slowly going crazy.”

Joseph Heller

Something Happened

what motivates a small business owner


What motivates a small business owner?
  • 46% want independence
  • Only 17% to make more money
  • 80% to support a lifestyle
  • 54% of women start a business so that they can choose the hours they work compared with 35% of men
  • Only 20% want to aggressively grow
  • Only 7% want to be seen as innovators

Sure signs you need a server

You spend lots of time searching for files or copying them from one machine to another

Source : DTI Owner/Manager research

Bank of Scotland

key business issues
Key business issues
  • You start to outgrow your capacity and need to bring on more staff – need processes
  • Need to be able to recruit
  • Find more customers, while keeping existing customers happy
  • Keep in touch with the business and your customers
  • Remain competitive
  • Be legally compliant
  • Relocate office or maximise current space
  • Technology is an enabler for all these things, not another problem to deal with
your business is a distinct reflection of who you are


“Your business is a distinctreflection of who you are.”

Michael Gerber

The E Myth

Sure signs you need a server

You would like to centralise key business data like diaries, customer records, accounts, orders, etc

how do you work at the moment
How do you work at the moment?
  • If you had an IT department what would it need to do?
    • Hunting for driver updates
    • Feeding CDs to computers
    • Flashing firmware
    • Inventorying by hand
    • Walking to machines
    • Supporting inconsistent configurations
    • Researching performance issues
    • Troubleshooting by trial and error
  • Who currently does this?


Hardware and



services, operations, telecom, people, & training expenses

Source: Giga Information Group 2004

total piece of mind
How will you keep up to date?

Concerned re security threats?

Who applies updates?

Is server running optimally?

Want someone to take care of it?


Total piece of mind

Sure signs you need a server

You have lots of IT hassle – viruses, network problems, etc – and it’s starting to impact your productivity and ability to make money

key technology topics
Key technology topics
  • Messaging
  • Team Working
  • Mobility
  • Security
  • Customer relationship management
key technology topics11
Key technology topics
  • Messaging
  • Team Working
  • Mobility
  • Security
  • Customer relationship management
what are your options
What are your options?
  • POP email
  • Hosted exchange
  • An email server

Sure signs you need a server

Your product is great, but your communication with customers isn’t





communications technology concerns
CommunicationsTechnology Concerns

“I’m concerned that I’ll get a virus into my IT systems”

“…and what about hackers?”

“My sales team need access to data on the road but how safe is it?”

“I don’t have the skills to manage let alone operate an IT system”

“I may lose everything if I have all my data in one place”

“I keep hearing about spam – I get enough junk through the post!”

“I don’t have the time to spend on this or learn how to use it”

let s deal with security
Let’s Deal with Security
  • Security wizards
  • Secure platform
  • Firewall
  • Software restrictions
  • Patch management

“I’m concerned that I’ll get a virus into my IT systems”

“…and what about hackers?”

“I keep hearing about spam – I get enough junk through the post!”

Sure signs you need a server

You are concerned that hackers could know more about

my business than you do

other considerations spam
Other considerations: Spam
  • Average person spends 2 min reading a spam email
  • Nearly 70% of all email traffic is now SPAM
  • Can be up to 10% of your connection
  • This cost British Business £3.2b last year alone
  • Legal efforts to control SPAM having little impact
    • According a DTI report, we like spam
  • Top 3 last year
  • ‘Natural’ Viagra
  • Financial Scam from Nigeria
  • September 11th
back up routines
Back-up Routines

“I may lose everything if I have all my data in one place”

  • Back-up Wizards
  • Centralised Data
  • User Level Back-up
    • Deleted Items retention
    • My documents redirection
    • Volume Shadow Copy

“I was working on a sales proposal. I accidentally deleted it and now I can’t get the original text back. There goes my weekend.”

Tracy, Marketing Director

managing your email
Managing your email
  • Distribution list controls
  • Connection filtering
  • Inbound filtering
  • Privacy protection
  • Virus Scanning
  • Anti-spam Integration
access to data on the move
Access to Data on the Move

Outlook 2003

Outlook Web Access

Pocket Outlook

Exchange Server ActiveSync

Outlook Mobile Access

why should a you have an email server
Why should a you have an email server?
  • Internet and mobile access to your e-mail
  • Enhanced calendaring capabilities
  • Security
  • Company-wide junk mail control
  • Share information with public folders
  • Share devices and resources on the network
  • Information retention and protection.
other considerations recent legislation
Other considerations - recent legislation

Businesses must keep records for up to 40 years

Accounting records for 3 years.

Pay records must be kept for a minimum of 3 years.

VAT records and documents must be kept for 6 years.

Contracts must usually be kept for 6 years,

Tax records must be kept for at least 6 years,

Health and safety records should be kept for at least 12 years,

Employers’ liability certificates must be kept for 40 years.

Expected: businesses will need to have a robust information management system

New Legislation expected from the Higgs Report, revisions to the UK Companies Act and new EU directives. Expected to legislate the retention of email and faxes relating to customers and staff.

Public Authorities

Public offices and authorities have to keep records for up to 35 years and make records available acc. to the freedom of information act.

case study alan john associates
Case study – Alan John Associates

Alan and Pat run a small business offering first aid training to businesses across the country. They originally ran a peer to peer network but were becoming concerned about data not being backed-up or recoverable. Finding files and keeping track of changes was also becoming more and more difficult, combined with lack of communication whilst on the road there was only one solution that would address all these issues.

A Windows Small Business Server 2003 was installed and very quickly solved all their concerns and communication problems. All data was now centralised and backed-up, security had been enhanced across the network with permission based access. The communication problems were immediately addressed with Exchange 2003 which enabled centralised email, calendars and distribution groups as well as remote access via the Internet or mobile phone to all his emails.

This solution allowed Alan and Pat to concentrate on his main business knowing that their IT needs had been met with the installation of an Small Business Server.

windows small business server 2003 editions



Product / Component

SBS 2003 Standard Edition

SBS 2003 Premium Edition

Windows Server 2003




Exchange Server 2003



Outlook 2003



SBS-specific components (e.g.. Setup wizards, monitoring tools, shared fax)



Windows SharePoint Services v2



FrontPage 2003


SQL Server 2000 SP3


ISA Server


Includes 5 CALs



Windows Small Business Server 2003 - Editions
windows small business server 2003 licensing
Windows Small Business Server 2003 Licensing

Design Points

  • Installation of all SBS components limited to single server
  • SBS must be root of Active Directory domain
  • Designed for businesses with up to 50 users/devices; supports up to 75 users/devices
  • Online licensing activation enabled

Server & CAL Licenses

  • Two types of SBS CALs
    • Device-based (similar to SBS 2000)
    • User-based (new)
  • Device and User SBS CALs priced the same
  • Customers can have mixture of Device and User SBS CALs, recommend choosing one type for ease of tracking

Once you've heard your prospects' needs statements, translate them to SBS 2003 features.

  • "I need to protect my network/business information."
  • "With SBS 2003 you can:
    • Count on a built-in firewall.
    • Restrict users' access to the Internet.*
    • Keep PCs and software up and running with automatic updates."
  • *SBS 2003 Premium Edition only
  • "I need to back up my/my company’s information."
  • "With SBS 2003 you can:
    • Automatically schedule backups of your business information.
    • Easily retrieve accidentally deleted files and previous file versions.
  • "I need to communicate with customers."
  • "With SBS 2003, you can:
    • Host your own e-mail (
    • Share calendars and easily schedule meetings.
    • Send one-to-many e-mail messages and faxes to customers quickly and easily."
  • "I need to reduce costs."
  • "With SBS 2003, you'll save money because you can:
    • Share equipment, such as printers, fax machines, and modems.
    • Share resources, such as Internet access and business applications.
    • Fax with fewer phone lines and send faxes directly from PCs."

"I need to share files with my employees."

  • "With SBS 2003, your employees can:
    • Find and share information from one centralized location, so they don't have to depend on coworkers to send or e-mail documents or reports.
    • Use an internal website to find and share documents, collaborate on projects, and view group calendars and shared lists.
    • Manage version control so they don't waste time looking for files or duplicating work."

"I need to access information when I am out of the office."

"With SBS 2003, you can:

    • Use Remote Web Workplace to access desktops at work, e-mail messages, contacts, calendars, network files, business applications, and internal websites from any PC with Internet access.
    • Use Outlook® Web Access to access e-mail messages, calendar, contacts, tasks, and public folders from any Internet browser.
    • Use mobile devices to access e-mail, contacts, and calendars from virtually anywhere, anytime."

"My employees need to fax important documents from their desktops."

"With SBS 2003, they can:

    • Send or receive faxes right from their desktops."

Objection: "I can just add another PC to function as a server on my current network."

Response: "You could do that, but you'd be missing out on a lot of benefits provided by SBS 2003, including security and protection for your most critical business information. You can easily share files and manage information from one central location. You'd also save money because people could share equipment, like printers. And, you can still work while you're away from the office, because you can access information and resources on your network with any mobile device or PC with Internet access."

Objection: "I've been told that using a peer-to-peer network is the easiest way to share information."

Response: "Peer-to-peer networks are a simple solution, but they do have drawbacks. If all your business's info is stored on one computer, and that computer's hard disk crashed, all your information is lost. In addition, if one computer is down for maintenance, or simply turned off, users cannot access information. Client/server networks solve these problems. Let me tell you how they work."

Objection: "It seems to me that I'd spend more money purchasing a server than using a peer-to-peer network."

Response: "I think you'll find that over time a client/server network will actually save you money. Because a client/server network allows you to share resources, you won't have to buy more equipment like printers or fax machines. And, your employees will all share access to the Internet so you won't have to set up additional phone lines."


Objection: "I am also considering Linux—why should I choose Windows?"

Response: "Your business needs dependable, long-term solutions, right? You should choose Microsoft—it has invested more in business computing solutions than anyone else.

"And, you'll find that Windows has more applications that are ready to use than any other platform, so you'll spend much less time with management and integration."

Objection: "Linux is never attacked. My business is more secure with Linux."

Response: "You really don't have to worry about getting attacked when you use SBS 2003. It automatically protects and secures your business information."

“With SBS 2003, you can schedule regular, automatic backups of your business information. And if employees accidentally delete or save over a file, they can restore the correct version, quickly and easily with SBS 2003.

"Whether you choose the Standard or Premium Edition of SBS 2003, you'll get built-in firewall protection from the Internet, more protection when you access the network from the road, and automatic removal of dangerous e-mail attachments."