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Leicestershire County Council Winter Maintenance Service 2010/11 PowerPoint Presentation
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Leicestershire County Council Winter Maintenance Service 2010/11

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Leicestershire County Council Winter Maintenance Service 2010/11 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Leicestershire County Council Winter Maintenance Service 2010/11. Winter Maintenance. Statutory Responsibilities & Winter Maintenance Plan How the service is carried out Review of previous winters National context Clearing footways Grit Bins & Snow wardens. Winter Maintenance.

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Leicestershire County Council

Winter Maintenance Service


winter maintenance
Winter Maintenance
  • Statutory Responsibilities & Winter Maintenance Plan
  • How the service is carried out
  • Review of previous winters
  • National context
  • Clearing footways
  • Grit Bins & Snow wardens
winter maintenance3
Winter Maintenance

Statutory Responsibilities

Highways Act 1980 (as amended)

  • Section 41 – Duty to maintain the highway
  • Plus – Duty to ensure that snow and ice do not hinder safe passage along the highway, so far as is reasonably practicable.
  • Section 150 – Duty to remove snow if it is causing an obstruction
winter maintenance4
Winter Maintenance

The LCC Winter Maintenance Plan

  • Set criteria for roads to be salted
  • Prepare a network of routes based on those criteria
  • Agree the method by which we’ll salt roads and/or clear snow
  • Set up ice sensors, weather stations and forecasting arrangements to predict bad weather
  • Make sure we’ve got enough salt, vehicles, fuel and drivers

Winter Maintenance

Precautionary Salting Network

  • Main Distributor roads
  • Commuter routes (rural roads carrying more than 2,000 vehicles per day)
  • Major bus routes (urban areas 8 or more service buses an hour, rural areas 2 more service buses per hour)
  • One route into each village, where possible
winter maintenance6
Winter Maintenance

Precautionary salting network

  • 45% of total LCC network (1,800km out of 4,000km)
  • Currently treating with salt with molasses additive (dry salt spreading)
  • 5 salt barns in depots around the county
  • 17 salting routes out of these 5 depots
  • 23 gritters in total (1 spare at each salt barn and 1 extra)
winter maintenance7
Winter Maintenance

Decision to salt

  • Based on most up-to-date local forecasts
  • Weather stations around the county
  • Ice-prediction detectors embedded in the highway at critical locations

Winter Maintenance Period

  • 1 October to 30 April
  • Night shift from 1 November to 31 March
  • Night controllers make call-out decisions
winter maintenance8
Winter Maintenance

Review of recent winters

Salt usage (in tonnes)

Number of salting ‘runs’

winter maintenance9
Winter Maintenance

Winter 09/10

  • Worst for over 30 years
  • Undertook 72 gritter runs
  • Used 16,600 tonnes of salt
  • Despite national shortage managed to secure additional salt supplies from Europe
  • Provided mutual aid to Derbyshire and East Midlands Airport
winter maintenance10
Winter Maintenance

Liaison with other organisations - Mainly through the Local Resilience Forum (LRF)

  • Leicestershire Police
  • Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service
  • East Midlands Ambulance Service
  • Leicester City NHS & Leicestershire & Rutland County NHS
  • University Hospitals of Leicester (UHL)
  • Health Protection Agency (HPA)
  • Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust
  • Environment Agency
  • Local Authorities: Blaby DC, Charnwood BC, Harborough DC, Hinckley & Bosworth BC, Melton BC, North West Leicestershire DC, Oadby & Wigston BC, Rutland CC, Leicester City Council
winter maintenance11
Winter Maintenance

District and Borough Councils in Leicestershire

  • BCs and DCs have street cleaning & parks operatives who are restricted from carrying out normal functions in times of snow and ice
  • At present, ad-hoc arrangements exist whereby the Districts and Boroughs deploy their workforce to clear town centre / shopping centre areas

Parish Councils in Leicestershire

  • Assist in the provision of grit bins (see later slides)
  • Arrange snow wardens
winter maintenance12
Winter Maintenance

Major issues

  • Supply of salt – there are only 2 UK mainland producers
  • Western Europe was also badly affected last year, hence likelihood of importing salt is much reduced
  • Inaccurate weather forecasts – particularly poor in 09/10
  • Ageing gritter fleet – being addressed
winter maintenance13
Winter Maintenance

Clearing Footways

  • There has been Public concern over the condition of footways in the recent severe winters
  • The precautionary salting network does not extend to footways that are not adjacent to the main road network
  • When resources are available, priority is given to main shopping areas, outside hospitals, schools, elderly persons’ homes etc.
  • Fear of litigation is a barrier to self-help
winter maintenance14
Winter Maintenance

Clearing Footways

  • There has been confusion amongst the public about the steps they can take to help themselves and others in tackling snow and ice
  • The County Council has prepared advice for private householders, schools and commercial organisations, for example shop keepers, on the clearance of snow and ice from public footpaths.
  • When this advice is followed, the chance of litigation is minimal
winter maintenance15
Winter Maintenance

Salt / Grit Bins

Salt bins will be provided by the County Council in village and urban areas, provided that:

  • the location is not on a precautionary salting route;
  • the location of and need for the bin is first agreed with the County Council and adjacent residents;
  • the cost of the salt bin is met by the local Parish/Town council or, in non-parished town and areas by the District or Borough Council.

Requests for grit bins should be forwarded to the Customer Service Centre or the Area Offices in the first instance.

winter maintenance16
Winter Maintenance

Salt / Grit Bins

  • Parish or District Councils are responsible for replacing the bins in case of damage
  • County Council will re-fill bins at intervals deemed appropriate by LCC and depending on resources
  • Guidance on possible locations is available
  • Complaints raised by local residents, parish councils and snow wardens, that many salt bins are quickly emptied
winter maintenance17
Winter Maintenance

Snow Wardens

Parish Council employees must be covered by PC Public Liability Insurance to enable them to act as Snow Wardens.

Actions will be agreed with LCC about how those local resources will be used.

Snow Wardens will help to clear snow from public footways in agreed locally sensitive locations.

winter maintenance18
Winter Maintenance

Snow Wardens

  • The County Council is keen to extend the network of Parish Councils participating in the Snow Warden Scheme
  • Any Parish Council that can show a need for such an appointment, should submit a request to join the scheme
  • If confirmed, the County Council will reimburse the Parish Council for time spent on agreed tasks