i mage m ake up a rtist l.
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I mage M ake-up A rtist

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I mage M ake-up A rtist - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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I mage M ake-up A rtist. Presented by Chester Cheung, Irene Mo, Lily Lam, Sindy Li. Content . Introduction Nature of work Career path Video of Real Workplace Goals of success! Survey analysis Tips!. Introduction: Why choose such a career?. MaxFactor: Zing

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I mage M ake-up A rtist

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i mage m ake up a rtist

ImageMake-up Artist

Presented by Chester Cheung, Irene Mo, Lily Lam, Sindy Li

  • Introduction
  • Nature of work
  • Career path
  • Video of Real Workplace
  • Goals of success!
  • Survey analysis
  • Tips!
introduction why choose such a career
Introduction: Why choose such a career?
  • MaxFactor: Zing
    • Appear in the advertisement
    • Makeup artist social status
  • Hit career among women in Taiwan
    • Listed in Top 25 (育惠 , TOP 25女性熱門工作排行榜)
  • = make-up + image design
    • Do > makeup artist
purpose of the project
Purpose of the Project
  • Know more about the career
    • Interview with Pauline Tsang & Peggy Chan
  • Introduce it to someone who are interested in joining make-up industry
  • Tips!
nature of work description
Nature of Work - Description
  • aiming to help people to enhance/alter their appearance
  • From make-up to fashion and photographic models, actors in television productions, brides
  • To prepare the skin for make-up application and remove make-up as required
  • To consult with clients, actors, producers or directors about the required look
  • To produce special effects such as ageing, illness, scars and bruising
  • To advise hairdressers on the hairstyle required for character parts.
working place
Working place
  • Television and film studios, Hairdressing/beauty salons, make-up salon
  • Usually indoor
  • outdoors if working on location for film and television productions
  • make-up products:
    • Foundation
    • Eye-shadow
    • Mascara
    • Lipstick and blusher, etc.
working hours
Working hours
  • Flexible, irregular
  • Depends on job nature
  • Magazine cover photo shoots: shorter time (3-5 hours per job)
  • working in film or television programme production: long and irregular hours (>9hours per job)
working with people
Working withPeople
  • face-to-face contact with their clients, HR staff to discuss the required and expected image .
  • They may also have contact with hairdressers, photographers, actors, directors, producers and other film or television crew.
  • adore beauty
  • have the sense of beauty, color matching, clothes’ mix and match
  • innovation
other requirements
Other requirements
  • familiar with the ever up-to-date styling and fashion trend
  • willing to work over shifts
  • have great physical strength
  • have good communication skill
additional skills
Additional skills
  • Hair styling skill
  • Nail art
  • Putonghua
how makeup can work
How makeup can work?




Stage 1: Store/counter make-up artist

Professional make-up & hair styling techniques course


Advanced Bridal make-up course

Stage 2: Bride make-up artist

Advanced stage & media make-up image course

Stage 3: Magazine/ advertisement/ fashion show make-up artist

Master grade all round course

Stage 4: Super star/model or imaging make-up artist

International professional diploma course

Stage 5: International professional make-up artist/ make-up teacher

1 store counter make up artist
1. Store/counter make-up artist
  • Finish ‘Professional make-up & hair styling techniques course’
  • employed by make-up companies and work as beauty store/ counter make-up artists
  • stay at the store
  • participate in the company’s promotion activities
  • job duties include helping customers to choose the suitable products, teaching basic make-up techniques, promoting the products to customers
  • Important to have good communication skill, interpersonal skill and promotion skill
2 bride make up artist
2. Bride make-up artist
  • finish the ‘Advanced bridal make-up course’.
  • can work full-time or part-time
  • Full-time artists can be employed by ‘wedding companies’
  • For part-time artists
    • leave their portfolio containing their own make-up design to various companies
    • Negotiate with the company about the income
    • should good at hair styling and also nail art
3 magazine advertisement fashion show make up artist
3. Magazine/ advertisement/ fashion show make-up artist
  • finish the ‘Advanced stage & media make-up image course’
  • recommended to participate in certain simple advertising make-up
  • have opportunities to build up their reputation in advertising industry.
  • should be well prepared
    • keep abreast of the latest make-up trend or even need to predict the future trend
    • familiar with the latest make-up products as they may be asked to demonstrate those products.
4 super star model or image make up artist
4. Super star/model or image make-up artist
  • finish the ‘Master grade all round course’
  • have ample chances to meet super stars after being advertisement/ magazine make-up artists
  • may be employed by those stars if they like the designs.
5 international professional make up artist make up teacher
5. International Professional make-up artist/ make-up teacher
  • take those advanced diploma courses such as ITEC, CIBTAC which are internationally recognized
  • choose to teach make-up techniques to fallow students.
other job opportunities
Other job opportunities:
  • can work as freelancer
    • income is unstable, depending on the number of jobs per month
    • have more freedom and having a more balanced lifestyle
    • job nature is only recommended for those famous make-up artists.
salary of make up artist
Salary of make-up artist
  • store/ counter make-up artist $ 15000 per month
  • a part-time bride make-up artist about $ 1000 per job
  • magazine/ advertisement make-up artist about $ 3000-8000 per job
  • employed by superstar over $ 100000 each month
make up school organization
Make-up School/ Organization
  • Beauty Tech Tel no: 2574 4418
  • Esther Beauty & Fitness College Tel no: 2722 6773
  • VOGUE it is Tel no: 8202 0930
tips for choosing a right school
Tips for choosing a right school!
  • Choose the school that will recommend students to join shows organized by other companies.
  • To check those school teachers if they have been employed by superstars
  • Be aware that the school has cooperated with some big companies.
goals of success
Goals of Success
  • Sense of achievement
  • Many different measures
  • Tremendous effort to reach high in career
  • Direct Vs Indirect goals
direct measures of success 1
Direct Measures of Success (1)
  • Huge profit (i.e. MONEY)
  • project-based
    • Hours to months, or even years!
    • E.g. single shoot in studio, large scale movie
  • Great deviations
  • More famous = More expensive
direct measures of success 2
Direct Measures of Success (2)
  • Professional Awards
    • Hollywood Makeup Artist & Hair Stylists Guild Awards
    • British Academy Film Awards (BAFTAs)
    • Grammy Awards
  • Internationally-recognized honors
  • Very strong index!
direct measures of success 3
Direct Measures of Success (3)
  • As makeup Teacher/School establisher
  • Passing knowledge to fellow members in the industry
  • Abundant amount of experience is a must
    • Decades of working history
    • Very talented and gifted
  • Local/Abroad
indirect measures of success 1
Indirect Measures of Success (1)
  • Popularity
    • Exposure in TV advertisement
    • Composer of magazine columns
  • Influencing others with daily life
    • Image, words, speech
  • Ultimately…
    • Global makeup trend builder/leader
indirect measures of success 2
Indirect Measures of Success (2)
  • Friendship
  • Typical service industry
    • Large pool of clients from ALL walks
    • Colleagues of different nationality
      • Movie director in Singapore, Model from France…
  • Size of Interpersonal Network
    • Identification of own success
factors leading to success
Factors leading to success
  • Basic factors
    • Good judgment of beauty
    • Talents in arts
    • Willing to product artwork
  • Deep passion in makeup industry
    • With open mindset and bright personality
factors leading to success33
Factors leading to success
  • Well prepared to work in highly demanding and dynamic industry
    • Rapid-changing NEW knowledge and trends everyday…
  • All-rounder
    • Knowledge of skin care, fashion design, photography…
q quality do u think image makeup artist should have
Q. Quality do u think image makeup artist should have?

Friendly outgoing personality:

Important too!!


High level of artistic ability

q what to worry about
Q. What to worry about?


Unstable income

Can’t sustain long

Irregular working hour



survey findings
Survey & findings:
  • Online Survey (12th March – 12th April )
  • Objective
    • To investigate the views of youngsters towards the career of Image make-up artist
  • Received 90 respondents’ completed surveys
views on whether this career is expanding in hk
Views on whether this career is expanding in HK
  • Most of the respondents (65%) did not know much about the current market & job opportunities of image make-up artist.
  • 20% of respondents agreed that this career was expanding whereas 15% disagreed.
views on the prospects of image make up artist
Views on the Prospects of Image make-up artist
  • There was 60% of respondents showed neutral (‘3’) as their views on the prospects of being an image make-up artist
  • 20% of respondents showed that they were quite optimistic (‘2’) about the prospects of this career.
tips for new comers
Tips for New Comers
  • Not just a feminine and girlish industry
  • Many successful artists are MALE~
    • Special judgment of beauty
    • More creative
    • Bring new effects and stimulations
    • Irregular hours, harsh environment
    • Should be patient and detailed minded
Good Financial Support
    • Big investment before and on the way
    • School fees, materials, books…
  • Be Humble
    • Willing to work under harsh environment and for low-paid job esp. at the beginning
    • Learn from experience
    • Portfolio
  • Balance of life
    • Dynamic and demanding
    • Relaxation