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Residential Children's Homes PowerPoint Presentation
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Residential Children's Homes

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Residential Children's Homes
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Residential Children's Homes

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  1. Regulation 44 One of the main themes of the Children's Homes Regulations and Quality Standards 2015 is to ensure that outcomes for children and young people are given overall priority.  There is a clear expectation on regulation visitors to be up to date with their knowledge and how they impact a service may be commented on in the Inspection Report.

  2. Children's Homes Policies Children’s Policy and Forms Library Onrezume unravels care administration, policy management, essential forms and documents. Onrezume policies and documents can be purchased to suit your needs. You could be easily mistaken into thinking the Guide to the Children’s Home Regulations and Quality Standards 2015 is all you need to consider from a compliance point of view. This is not the case. The guide is only half the story. Not only do you have to embed the compliance requirements of the Regulations & Standards themselves, providers, managers and staff must consider a raft of legislation and guidance that Inspectors must and will take account of at Inspection.

  3. Residential Children's Homes Our care management service and resources are specifically designed to conform to the regulatory requirements of the national minimum standards, quality standards, fundamental standards and statutory requirements (depending on service type) as set out by the public bodies tasked with regulating, inspecting and reviewing health and social care services in England and Wales.

  4. The Regulations set out standards (“the Quality Standards”) that must be met by homes. The Quality Standards describe outcomes that each child must be supported to achieve while living in the children’s home. Each contains an over-arching, aspirational, child-focused outcome statement, followed by a non-exhaustive set of underpinning, measurable requirements that homes must achieve in meeting each standard. Children's Homes Policies Managers will need to ensure the essentials are taken into account in care planning, policies, practice, service development and quality monitoring. Alongside the nine Quality Standards (see below) there is essential statutory and non-statutory guidance that must inform your practice and care.

  5. Regulation 44 For more information visit our site: