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Licensed Garage Door Repair Services In Calgary PowerPoint Presentation
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Licensed Garage Door Repair Services In Calgary

Licensed Garage Door Repair Services In Calgary

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Licensed Garage Door Repair Services In Calgary

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  1. 5 Proven Ways To Keep A Garage Door Secure & Safe

  2. Install Padlocks All major garage openings come with pre installed locks that ensure security. These locks are not enough to protect a vehicle and property from intruders. Its essential to install padlocks or high quality lock systems that offer peace of mind along with additional security.

  3. Keep The Remote Secured People often forget to keep the garage door remote at a safe place and leave it on the car seat. This mistake or habit can turn out to be a good opportunity for burglars to break in and access a vehicle. For better convenience and security, its advised to store and lock the remote in the glove compartment or try to carry it with you.

  4. Teach Your Kids One of the best way to keep the kids safe, is to teach them to remain away from the door. Make them understand that a garage door opener is not a toy and can cause serious injuries. Tell them about door security and safety measures.

  5. Don’t Allow The Kids To Operate The Door Kids often love to do the things that they are not asked to do. In some cases, after coming back from a shopping mall, elder's arms are usually full of shopping bags, and they ask their children to open up the door. Though this command may seem appropriate at the moment, you are really risking your child's safety.

  6. Inspect The Door Regularly Automatic garage doors demand regular inspection and maintenance to perform efficiently. If you notice some unusual sounds being emitted during the door operation, any of the garage door element may have got damaged or wear out. Inspect all the door parts, including springs, cables, hinges, rollers, nuts and bolts. In case, you notice any damage, call in an overhead door repair technician for help.

  7. These are the few tips that are proven to be useful for enhancing the safety and security of a door.