transit priorities for toronto l.
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Transit Priorities for Toronto

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Transit Priorities for Toronto - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Transit Priorities for Toronto. Transport Action Ontario Oct 12, 2010 Metro Hall - Toronto Presenter: Bruce Budd. Modern Transit Vehicles. A: Background - Metrolinx. The GTHA – 10 Transit Systems. The 15 year Plan. The Big 5 plus 4 in 10. Immediate Impact in Toronto.

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transit priorities for toronto

Transit Priorities for Toronto

Transport Action Ontario

Oct 12, 2010

Metro Hall - Toronto

Presenter: Bruce Budd

b proposed improvements

B. Proposed Improvements

By: Transport Action Ontario

modify the eglinton line to allow for a future subway
Modify the Eglinton Lineto allow for a future subway
  • the grades are too steep (5% instead of the 3.5% maximum for a subway)
  • the station lengths (and the pocket tracks) are too short to handle 6-car subway trains
  • the angle of turnouts are too sharp and the vertical curvature too steep for subway cars
  • Use TTC gauge track (like existing subways/streetcars)
electrify the air rail link
Electrify the Air-Rail Link
  • Faster acceleration/deceleration times
  • Significantly reduced air & noise pollution
  • Proven technology unlike the Tier 4 diesels
  • Shares the initial extra cost with the Brampton GO line
  • Long term cost savings compared to diesel
  • Will allow for an integrated network of GO services with the local systems
kill the hwy 407 subway station
Kill the Hwy 407 Subway Station

Vaughan Centr e


Parking Lot


Railway tracks

York U + Steeles Station

lrt spur to u of t scarborough
LRT Spur to U of T Scarborough

Conlin Yard

Sheppard LRT from subway

U of T Scarborough

a 25 year funding plan
A 25 year Funding Plan

A combination of some of:

  • Land value enhancement charge along all new lines
  • A TTC Development Company to facilitate development around stations
  • 1% Sales tax increase (GTHA- or province-wide)
  • fuel tax on the gasoline and diesel (5 to 10 cents per litre)
  • Parking surcharge on all non-residential spaces ($1.00/day)
  • Road tolls &/or Congestion charges
  • 2% of property taxes dedicated annually to transit

The Funding Plan should be decided and started in 2012

  • Modify the Eglinton to allow for a future subway
  • Electrify the Air-Rail Link & Georgetown GO line
  • Remove the Hwy 407 station form the Spadina subway extension
  • Extend the Sheppard LRT to U of T Scarborough
  • Build a downtown relief line much earlier than currently planned
  • Implement a 25 year funding plan by 2012
transport action ontario

Transport Action Ontario