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State of the Agency Wayne ARC PowerPoint Presentation
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State of the Agency Wayne ARC

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State of the Agency Wayne ARC - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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State of the Agency Wayne ARC. Presentation December 9, 2008 Bret Vanzo David Calhoun President Executive Director . Agenda. Accomplishments for 2008 Strategic Planning Goals for 2009 Years of Service Recognition and acknowledgements Board Actions

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State of the Agency Wayne ARC

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state of the agency wayne arc

State of the AgencyWayne ARC


December 9, 2008

Bret Vanzo David Calhoun

President Executive Director

  • Accomplishments for 2008
  • Strategic Planning Goals for 2009
  • Years of Service Recognition and acknowledgements
  • Board Actions
  • Health Reimbursement Account
  • Board Actions: Bonus
accomplishments for 2008
Accomplishments for 2008
  • “Farm Restaurant” gifted by Jim and Lindsey Redmond, renamed the “Lindsey Redmond Wayne ARC Center”
  • Family Support Services approval of 4 Parent Support Groups
  • Implemented Wage and Salary Upgrades
  • Received approval of building modifications for the Medical Model Day Habilitation program
accomplishments for 20086
Accomplishments for 2008
  • 26th Annual Golf Tournament netted $20,000.00
  • First Annual Canal Walk, in partnership with the United Way, 164 walkers and $5,000.00 raised
  • Awarded a Wage Subsidy program through Wayne County DSS
  • Received initial approval of the Spring Farm project, including Everybody Rides
accomplishments for 20087
Accomplishments for 2008
  • Training and implementation of FISH philosophy in all residential locations
  • Developed the new Quality Assurance department
  • Added Corporate Compliance as an e-learning in-service training
  • Relocated an IRA from Maple Court to East Miller street
  • Continued participation in the Disabilities Certificate Program furthering the education of 6 residential staff
accomplishments for 20088
Accomplishments for 2008
  • Finalized computerization project to document residential habilitation
  • Renovated Harrison Street building
  • The Agency’s Perk Committee developed an Agency wide Volunteer Program
  • Employee of the Quarter and Employee of the Year program was developed and implemented
accomplishments for 20089
Accomplishments for 2008
  • Hired a Purchasing Agent and started bulk purchasing
  • Developed a new Nursing Department
  • Developed new training room at Harrison Street with all new AV equipment
  • Redesigned the Agency Web Site
  • Developed Agency Intranet site
accomplishments for 200810
Accomplishments for 2008
  • Increased enrollment at RCC
  • Over 500 individuals were served by the MSC department
  • Renovation of 150 Van Buren Street kitchen
  • The Agency’s Annual Appeal netted over $3500.00
strategic plan
Strategic Plan
  • Goal 1:Increase the awareness of Wayne ARC to promote the organization and its services
  • Goal 2: Provide programs and services that meet the changing needs of our community
  • Goal 3: Expand and develop collaboration with other organizations
strategic plan12
Strategic Plan
  • Goal 4: Increase the capacity and efficiency of the organization
  • Goal 5: Recruit and retain a highly qualified workforce
  • Goal 6: Enhance the technological capacity of Wayne ARC to fully meet its mission
strategic plan13
Strategic Plan
  • Goal 7: Strengthen financial stability
  • Goal 8: Identify and provide services to unserved and underserved populations
  • A Progress Report on the Objectives and Activities are available to all staff
new york state budget crisis
New York State Budget Crisis
  • Fiscal Year 2008 $1.2 billion dollar deficit
  • FY 2009-10 budget deficit estimated to be about $ 8 billion, three year projection $47 billion
  • There will be State and Federal budget decisions which will impact our services
  • All new OMRDD development has been placed on hold
  • As of November, 2008, OMRDD has cut $200 million
wayne arc outlook
Wayne ARC Outlook
  • We are financially strong and viable
  • The FY 2009 Budget is conservative
  • We will all have to be cost conscious and frugal
  • We will have to limit Capital projects
  • Our greatest Strengths are our History, Community, membership with NYSARC and our dedicated staff, we can weather any storm.
years of service recognition
Years of Service Recognition
  • Attendance awards will be presented by Program Directors at staff meetings
  • I will call you up by Program and years of service. Please stand with your Program Director for pictures
  • Thank you all for your years of service and commitment to Wayne ARC
board actions
Board Actions
  • Each year the Board of Directors of Wayne ARC takes separate votes on the following areas.
  • Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA)
  • Longevity Pay
  • Health Care Dollars
  • Bonus
board actions18
Board Actions
  • The Board of Directors votes each year on these items and makes decisions based on the performance of the agency and our financial status
  • REMEMBER each year is a separate vote
board actions19
Board Actions
  • The Board of Directors at its December 1st meeting voted a 2% Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for all employees of Wayne ARC in 2009. Your COLA will be implemented on your COLA date
  • If you have questions regarding your COLA date please talk with your Program Director or Human Resources
  • The Cost for the 2009 COLA is $283,572.00
board actions20
Board Actions
  • The Board of Directors approved the continuation of Longevity Pay for employees
  • The Cost of Longevity Pay for 2009 is $60,314.00
  • Total increase in wages and benefits for 2009 is $1,217,464.00
  • Total Cost of wages and salaries for 2009 is

$ 14,668,494.00

  • Total Cost for Employee Benefits in 2009

is $ 3,435,161.00

  • The amount listed above does not reflect year end bonuses
board actions21
Board Actions
  • HRA dollars will be at the same level as last year
  • Total cost of HRA dollars for 2009 will be $434,657.00
  • Total HRA dollars paid by Wayne ARC from 2006-2009 is $1,656,652.00
  • In order to assist staff with the higher cost of health insurance the Agency has covered a portion of the premium increase by $ 52,642.00
board actions bonus
Board Actions:Bonus
  • BONUS for consumers
  • Consumers will receive between $50.00 and $100.00 based on when they came into the program
  • The Bonus will be paid as a Wal-Mart gift card
  • Total Consumer bonus $26,375.00
board actions bonus23
Board Actions: Bonus
  • This year the Board of Directors voted to give staff a Bonus for 2008
  • The bonus will be paid on December 12th by separate check. The agency will pay FICA tax on your Bonus
board actions bonus24
Board Actions:Bonus
  • For staff working full time they will receive a bonus of $1000.00
  • Total Amount of December Bonus: $500,000.00
  • In the past five years the Board of Directors has authorized bonuses totaling: $ 2,145,382.00
  • The Agency Holiday Party is December 20th at the Holiday Inn in Waterloo
  • Thank you all for a very successful year at Wayne ARC
  • On behalf of the Board of Directors, myself and the Executive Staff, we wish you all a safe and happy holiday season and a prosperous new year.