rain forests l.
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Rain Forests

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Rain Forests. Nicole ,Junie. 4 Layers of the rain Forests. Emergents Canopy Understory Forest floor. Animals Home. Emergents: Harpy Eagle, Birds Canopy: Monkeys, Birds, Frogs Understory: Ocelot, Orangutan, Squirrels, Monkeys, lizards, bats, owls, snakes

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rain forests

Rain Forests

Nicole ,Junie

4 layers of the rain forests
4 Layers of the rain Forests
  • Emergents
  • Canopy
  • Understory
  • Forest floor
animals home
Animals Home
  • Emergents: Harpy Eagle, Birds
  • Canopy: Monkeys, Birds, Frogs
  • Understory: Ocelot, Orangutan, Squirrels, Monkeys, lizards, bats, owls, snakes
  • The Forest Floor: Jaguars, snakes, Insects, spiders,
rain forest plants
Rain Forest Plants


Most rain forest plants are Epiphytes. Epiphytes grow on tree or other

Plants. They have roots that never touch the ground. Nearly all orchids all epiphytes.

There are over 20,000 different kinds of orchids in the rain forests.


There are also lots of vines in the rain forest canopy and under story.

Vines have roots in the ground, but climb up the trunks of trees to reach the sun light. Many rain forest vines have hard, woody stems. These vines are called Lianas. Some lianas have stems so thick that they look like twisted trees Many of the plants that grow in the understory and on the forest floor have HUGE leaves.

gifts of the rain forest
Gifts of the Rain Forest
  • Food-oranges, pineapples, grapefruits, avocados, black peppers, cinnamons, vanilla, coffee ,peanuts, chille (the stuff that makes gum chewy)
  • Wood
  • Rubber
  • Medicine-about a fourth of the medicines we uses today come from rain forests plants
  • Protection from global warming-the rain forests help control the earth’s climate. Climate is the usual weather of a place.
saving the rain forests
Saving The Rain Forests

Rain Forest are one of the earth’s most Valuable resources. But the Rain Forest of the world are in danger. They are being destroyed very quickly. People are cutting down huge numbers of trees without replanting them. They are clearing large areas of land to build houses and roads. They are also clearing land to grow crops and raise cattle. Half of the world’s rain forests have already been lost. Every second, an area of rain forest the size of a baseball field is destroyed. Every rain forest is home to some plants and animals that live nowhere else in the world. When a forest is destroyed, these plants and animals are destroyed with it.

rain forest creatures
Rain Forest creatures

They creep and crawl! They flit and fly!

They growl and howl! The world’s rain forest are alive with millions of animals, bugs, and birds. Most rain forest animals depend on other animals for food. Animals that kill and eat other animals are called predators. The animals that predators kill are called their prey. Many rain forest creatures have special ways of protecting themselves from predators. Some have colors that help them blend with their natural surroundings. This kind of protection is called camouflage.

rain forest water creatures
Rain forest Water creatures

Rivers run through most of the rain forests of the world. Thousands of different kinds of fish live in these rivers. Snakes, crocodiles, and lizards slither and sleep on the banks. Anacondas attack animals that have come to the river for a drink of water. Some rain forest crocodiles are over 20feet long. Flesh-eating piranha have scary, razor-sharp teeth. But they mostly eat berries, fruits, seeds, and other fish.