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the global design & planning practice. Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. some facts. Established 1946 Diversified global design & planning practice with end-to-end creative and technical services International reputation for large-scale urban planning and quality design.

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the global

design & planning practice

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

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some facts

Established 1946

Diversified global design & planning practice with end-to-end creative and technical services

International reputation for large-scale urban planning and quality design

China Science and Technology Museum

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solid foundation

Over 1,100 staff with 2007 revenues well above US $200,000,000

Lalaport Centre, Kashiwan, Japan

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our mission

Create great places that enhance the human experience.

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

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strategic initiatives

  • Become the premier global design firm

  • Diversify practice across sectors, services and geographies to increase opportunities for world class value-added commissions

  • Focus expansion on first tier, international cities for access to quality clients and world-class talent

  • Push technology to constantly re-define innovation

Zha Bei, Shanghai, China

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Los Angeles


Washington, DC




RTKL Worldwide

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Net Revenue By GeographyYTD June 2007

US Ambassador’s ResidenceKuwait City, Kuwait

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core services

  • Planning / Urban Design

  • Architecture

  • Interior Architecture

  • Environmental Graphic Design

  • Historic Preservation

  • Structural Engineering

  • MEP Engineering

  • Applied Technology

  • Landscape Architecture

  • Special Systems Design

  • Sustainability

  • Healthcare Technologies

  • Brand Building

  • Protective Planning

City Crossing, Shenzhen, China

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practice groups







Strategic Planning



Equipment Planning








Special systems



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While we dominate a number of key markets across the globe, we believe true design magic comes when we cross-pollinate ideas and approaches across our core business sectors and services.

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our process

Holistic, multi-discipline collaboration that incorporates urban design, architecture, interiors, branding and landscape architecture to create places of distinction.

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RTKL creates environments that celebrate the human condition – places where people feel comfortable, safe, part of a larger community. This takes an understanding of the broader issues of context, scale and the public realm as much as an emphasis on detail and quality.

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Tustin Legacy Tustin, CA

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convergence: mxd

A single-use sensibility is no longer sustainable. Today’s major developments depend on a mixture of uses, an urban sensibility and a collaboration among multiple stakeholders.

Stacked components, mass transit and an enhanced public realm are the hallmarks of the next generation of large-scale development.

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City CrossingShenzhen, China

Slide21 l.jpg

Westfield San Francisco CentreSan Francisco, California

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living above the shop

Shifting demographics and an emphasis on life-style are altering the residential landscape. Today’s new communities rely on “sustainable planning” to create a proximity of uses and an urban density in a suburban or edge-city location.

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The DomainAustin, Texas

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Rebounding from an economic slump, hotels worldwide are emphasizing the importance of a complete and comprehensive guest experience. Whether we design for the executive or the tourist, we now offer a comprehensive team of planners, architects, interior architects and graphic designers.

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Hotel AmstelAmsterdam, The Netherlands

Slide26 l.jpg

Mandarin OrientalMiami, Florida

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A more demanding and sophisticated consumer is driving new changes in the design and delivery of health care and health-related environments. Hospitals resemble hotels while centers of excellence are demanding innovative thinking in terms of operations and technology.

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Florida Hospital WatermanTavares, Florida

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managing brands

Our knowledge of brand helps our clients define their mission and values. Our understanding of consumer trends, the value of sponsorship and the elusive science of psychographics has placed us head and shoulders above our competition in translating those values – their brand – into the built environment.

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SubZero/Wolf/KWC ShowroomCharlotte, North CarolinaAtlanta, Georgia

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Shinsei BankTokyo, Japan

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Technology moves faster than the speed of business, and RTKL has been at the absolute forefront of combining specialized services with world class design to create the next wave of technology-enhanced environments.

Special Systems. Equipment Planning. Applied Tech.

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Huawei Data CenterShanghai, China

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the speed of business

Whether designing a new headquarters on the skyline or developing a workspace that expresses mission as much as it attracts and retains talent, RTKL has assembled an impressive workplace portfolio

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how we shop

The nature of retail has changed dramatically over the last five years, and RTKL has led the charge in creating vibrant commercial environments that understand retail’s relationship with brand, entertainment, technology and lifestyle.

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Duty Free ShopsVarious Locations

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culture as catalyst

RTKL believes in preserving the historic and cultural legacies of all communities along with creating the iconic images of the present. These we see as opportunities to create great architecture as well as spark urban regeneration and foster a deeper sense of civic pride.

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Chinese Film MuseumBeijing, China

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transit-oriented development

Today’s sustainable, thriving communities rely on a mixture of uses as well as an understanding of mass transit, which should be an integral element of any comprehensive urban plan. By creating economic opportunities and commercial nodes, TOD makes our cities more livable.

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Principe PioMadrid, Spain

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Estacion Malaga Malaga, Spain

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sport-anchored districts

Critical to the success of stadia and arenas today is the development of an intense, intimate fan environment complete with pre- and post-game activities. These developments feature new sources of revenue for operators and opportunities for cities to create an iconic image.

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LA LIVE! Los Angeles, CA

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At the core of every RTKL project lies a commitment to preserving and ensuring the needs of future generations. From project conception to completion, RTKL implements sustainable design practices ranging from the use of environmentally friendly products to LEED Certification.

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the global

design & planning practice

Shanghai Museum of Natural History, China