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MBA Leader Training MBA Student Activities

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MBA Leader Training MBA Student Activities - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MBA Leader Training MBA Student Activities. Agenda. Welcome from Dean Mittman Staff Introductions & Roles Stern’s Image and Reputation Event Planning Basics Strategize Create Plan Prior to Event Day of Event Post-Event Key Stern Departments Resources for Club. MBA Student Activities.

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Presentation Transcript
  • Welcome from Dean Mittman
  • Staff Introductions & Roles
  • Stern’s Image and Reputation
  • Event Planning Basics
      • Strategize
      • Create Plan
      • Prior to Event
      • Day of Event
      • Post-Event
  • Key Stern Departments
  • Resources for Club
mba student activities
MBA Student Activities

Michael Sgro

Associate Director

  • Conferences
  • Corporate sponsorship
  • High profile speakers
  • SCorp/PTLF Advisor

Jeremy Carrine

Assistant Director

  • Club Treks
  • Office Operations
  • Insurance & Contracts
  • Club President Advisor

Andy Bellatti

Office Manager

  • Room reservations
  • Catering
  • Table & Easel requests
  • General Leader Advisor
stern s reputation
Stern’s Reputation

Strengthen Stern’s Image

  • Stern’s reputation is critical to protect and enhance
    • An asset to everyone
    • All Stern departments have ongoing relationships they value and care about preserving
  • You are ambassadors
    • You are always representing Stern
    • Both a privilege and a responsibility

Event Planning Timeline

Prior to Event

Day of Event


Create the Plan



Think First – Plan Second

What is the intent and content of the event?

  • Does it fit your club’s goals & members’ needs?
  • How many people will likely attend this event?
    • Be very realistic – many clubs over-estimate
    • Review prior years’ data and other similar events
  • Does your club executive team support it?
  • Does it fit with Stern’s calendar of events?
partnering on events
Partnering on Events

Who Can Partner With You?

    • Other Stern clubs
    • Other business schools’ clubs
    • Other Stern departments (non-financial)
  • Value in partnerships
    • Expand potential audience
      • Bigger audience is a stronger draw for higher profile speakers
    • Share costs and gain economies of scale
    • More club activity, but same number of days on the calendar
seek advice
Seek Advice

Gather Ideas From Experts

  • Work with your club officers
    • What are your club’s Best Practices?
    • Review club event Meet with MBA Student Activities
    • Review Stern’s procedures and policies (on web site)
    • Guide you to relevant Stern resources
  • Meet with other key Stern departments and faculty
sample of events

Club Treks





Company Visits

Interview Training

Professional Conferences

Resume Books

Cultural Trips

Community Service

Consulting Services



Games & Practices



Receptions/Happy Hours



Sample of Events
starting to plan
Starting to Plan

First Issues to Consider

  • Give yourself enough planning time
    • Dates and venues are tight – secure them early
    • More complicated events require more planning time
    • Expect it will take longer to plan than you think
    • Work with your Club’s leadership for advice
  • Develop a project plan
    • Detailed “To Do” list with deadlines
  • Follow all Stern policies and procedures
know your budget
Know Your Budget

Live Within Your Club’s Means

  • Be realistic about event costs and likely revenues
    • Review past years’ data
    • Ask other clubs and MBA Student Activities
  • Many club events cost nothing
    • Think creatively!
  • No year-end club deficits are permitted
  • Work with your club treasurer on:
    • Forecasting and tracking revenues and expenses
    • Payment, deposit, and ticket sales processes
    • Handling corporate sponsorship
corporate sponsorship
Corporate Sponsorship

What’s In It For The Company?

  • Identify company motivators
    • Why would they want to give to your club?
  • Two paths to pursue:
    • Stern Development Office
    • Clubs contacts
  • Don’t count on corporate sponsorship – it isn’t a guarantee
types of event expenses
Types of Event Expenses

Many Free Events – But Some Have Costs

  • Venue Rental
    • Free
      • Stern
      • NYU Kimmel -- as long as event is 50% NYU students
    • At Cost
      • NYU Kimmel media fees
      • NYU Skirball Theater & others – room & media fees
      • Non-NYU venues
      • Sports fields
  • Catering
    • Food and beverages
    • Events with alcohol at NYU, also require:
      • Server hired by the school
    • External Events require additional costs
types of event expenses14
Types of Event Expenses
  • Publications
  • Fees – competitions, tournaments, conferences
  • Travel
  • Equipment
  • Advertising
  • Supplies
  • Gifts
  • Promotional Items
key stern policies
Key Stern Policies
  • Contracts
    • Vendor or venue may require. NYU must approve 3 weeks in advance of event date
  • Insurance
    • Venue or activity may require. NYU must approve 3 weeks in advance of event date
  • Release Forms
    • Required for all sports, physical activities, treks, some trips
  • Alcohol
    • Requires a contracted server by Stern
    • Beer and wine is standard (no liquor)
conflicts confirmations
Conflicts & Confirmations

Confirm There are No Conflicts with Date or Venue

  • Don’t invite speakers until after room and date confirmation is received
  • Check online MBA Calendar for conflicts
  • Ensure your date & time do not conflict with:
    • Mandatory OCD events (see OCD syllabus for specifics)
    • Dean’s Office events (i.e., MBA1 Block Lunches)
    • Academic Conflicts (i.e., Finals)
    • Holidays
    • Popular profs/courses – exams, review sessions
    • Alumni events (only if you are including alumni)
  • Submit MBA Event Planning Form at least 3 weeks before event
  • Non-NYU venue requires more lead time
    • Plan for contracts, insurance, logistics
securing speakers
Securing Speakers

Power of Good Speakers

  • Proactively network to secure good speakers
    • OCD, Development, Alumni Affairs, faculty, administrators, students, alumni, former business associates, friends, family
  • Have an event theme and select relevant speakers
  • Use template invitation letters (online)
  • Occasionally Stern administration will approach clubs with a speaker idea
designing a good panel
Designing a Good Panel
  • Establish a concrete theme
  • Collaborate with moderator and/or faculty on good questions that fit panel’s theme
  • Utilize faculty members or deans as moderators
    • They provide professionalism & expertise
  • Invite equitable speakers
    • Similar job titles or years of work experience
  • Send questions to panelists 2 weeks in advance
  • Call panelists to discuss their answers and share this information with moderator
advertising publications
Advertising & Publications
  • Start advertising early
  • Develop an advertising plan
  • Write clever, short, visual emails and ads
    • Your email “Subject” line is critical to grab interest
  • Leverage the Stern brand
    • Stern’s brand gives your event more recognition – should be the overarching brand of your event
  • Use Stern name & logo correctly – must be approved
advertising vehicles
Advertising Vehicles

Follow Stern & SCorp Policies & Procedures

  • MBA Calendar
  • Emails directly from clubs to members
  • Emails from “MBA Announce”
  • Weekly Email from OCD
  • Word-of-Mouth/Grassroots
  • SternLinks (for events open to all MBA students)
  • Mailed Invitations
  • Bulletin Boards/TV Monitors
  • Opportunity
  • Alumni-Emails, Newsletters and Online Calendar
  • Databases/Mailing Lists
gifts promotional items
Gifts & Promotional Items

Remember to Give a Gift

  • Give gifts to speakers and guests
    • Not Stern administration’s responsibility
    • From club’s budget
  • Consider promotional items for attendees if budget permits
  • Two options:
    • Readily Available Items
      • NYU Bookstore has items with Stern logo
        • TA’s receive 20% discount
    • Customized Items
      • Order through Special Events (use online form)
      • Order from either promotions company or Tiffany’s
      • Need 2 months to special order
prior to event
Prior to Event
  • Start ticket sales
    • Open PayPal online registration system
  • Send “thank you for agreeing to participate” letter to all speakers
    • To gently remind them of their commitment
    • To identify student host and where/when to meet them
    • To notify panelists of questions and moderator name/title
  • Continue advertising
    • Are MBA’s aware of event?
    • If alumni are invited, have Alumni Office send email reminder
one week before
One Week Before
  • Start ticket sales in lobby
  • Submit non-NYU guests’ names
    • To MBA Student Activities for Security Desk
  • Meet with Media Services to finalize set-up
  • Create all materials and signage
  • Finalize catering headcounts
  • Touch base with speakers
  • Submit Release Forms for participants
    • Applies to sport and travel events
arrive early
Arrive Early

Give Yourself Extra Time Just in Case…

  • Arrive early to ensure everything is ready
    • Check room arrangements, media, catering, etc.
    • Applies to EVERY event type
  • Set-up registration table 1 hour before event
    • Ensure people at the table know all details
    • Organize items to distribute
    • Drape club or NYU Stern banner over registration and/or head table
  • Set-up easels with signs to direct attendees
    • Do not tape anything to walls
etiquette for speakers
Etiquette for Speakers

Ensure Speaker satisfaction

  • Appoint club member to escort each speaker and important guest throughout day
    • Greet them in lobby
    • Get them to all rooms throughout day
    • Ensure they are kept engaged at luncheon & reception
    • Guide them out of the building
    • Ensure they have transportation to/from event

Expect the Unexpected

  • Don’t expect everything will run perfectly
  • Keep an eye open for problems
  • Expect to troubleshoot
  • Have extra hands available to help you out
  • …Enjoy your success!
thank you letters
Thank You Letters

Always Send Thank You Letters

  • Send to speakers and important guests
    • Utilize thank you letter template
  • Provide copies to MBA Student Activities
  • Provide copies for your Event Debrief

Close the Books

  • Should track finances all along
  • Ensure all expenses are paid
  • Deposit proceeds
  • Aspire for a profit or breakeven
    • If deficit, club must find funds to cover losses
leave your learnings behind
Leave Your Learnings Behind

Keep Your Legacy Alive

  • You’re here a few years, but your club lasts forever
  • Transition your learnings
  • Document every event
    • Best Practice – Create a binder of all event write-ups
  • Keep contact lists
    • Anyone who’s been valuable & why
    • Provide alumni info to Alumni Affairs for DOTS
    • Provide Corporate contact info to OCD
  • Required reports
    • Event debriefs
key stern departments
Key Stern Departments
  • Stern departments are club partners, facilitators, and coaches
  • MBA Student Activities is the 1st stop for club leaders and will be your liaison to other Stern departments
ocd ccwp
  • Clubs with career element are assigned OCD liaison
    • Set up a meeting with your OCD advisor
  • Provides advice and coaching
  • Brainstorms on concepts for career events
  • Leverages their relationships to generate speakers
  • Coordinates your events with OCD events to maximize impact
  • Assists with career-related training events
  • Co-sponsors events
alumni affairs
Alumni Affairs
  • Consults on alumni speakers
  • Leverages their relationships to generate speakers and corporate visits
  • Advertise and market student club events to alumni
  • May partner on networking and content-driven events
    • Advanced planning and a budget is required
    • Need to align with Alumni Affairs’ strategy
    • Do not assume funding
  • Requests that clubs input alumni info into mini-DOTS
special events
Special Events

To maximize the return on your event, it is important that every event:

  • Projects excellence
  • Communicates your club’s, Stern’s, NYU's image
  • Measures success by meeting your club's goals and your participant's objectives

The Office of Special Events can help by offering:

  • Event Planning Consultation-Can provide you historical information and professional expertise
  • Catering
  • Building Logistics
  • Merchandising
online leaders guide
Everything You Need to Know

All the detailed info you need

All new officers must review

Found on MBA Student Activities web page


Policies & Procedures

Working with Stern Departments

Event, Conference & Trek Planning Guides

Forms & Templates

Online “Leaders’ Guide”
key take aways
Key Take Aways
  • Plan early
  • Enhance Stern’s reputation
  • Select manageable, relevant events
  • Follow all steps of planning process
  • Utilize MBA Student Activities as a resource
  • Reference the Online “Leaders’ Guide”
  • Document well
  • Have fun!