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Home Server

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Home Server. Goal: Provide synergy between existing audio/video equipment, PCs and the coming wave of smart connected devices. Home Server functions. Video/Audio recording Time shifting Favorite programs Data storage (managed!) movies (cinema or home videos) MP3 files documents

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Presentation Transcript
home server
Home Server
  • Goal:Provide synergy between existing audio/video equipment, PCs and the coming wave of smart connected devices
home server functions
Home Server functions
  • Video/Audio recording
    • Time shifting
    • Favorite programs
  • Data storage (managed!)
    • movies (cinema or home videos)
    • MP3 files
    • documents
    • Digital pictures
  • Intelligent Agent
home server functions4
Home Server functions
  • Access from everywhere
    • In the home on PC, surfboard, display
    • Over the internet
  • Always on
    • FAX, e-mail, telephony functions
    • Display shows status in living room
  • Organizer home
    • Syncing PDA's, phones
    • Calendar
home server requirements
Home Server Requirements
  • Fits with existing audio/video installations
    • N channels Audio/Video Signal in + out
    • Controls existing legacy installations through IR
  • Solve (or reduce) cabling problem
    • Front access to connectors
  • Interfaces with digital still and video cameras
    • IEEE 1394B
    • Flash cards
home server requirements6
Home Server requirements
  • Connects to legacy interfaces:
    • USB, PCMCA, irDA, IR, IDE
  • Interfaces to PC via 10/100 Mb Ethernet
  • Remote controller that can merge all existing remote controllers
  • Lots of storage space (and management of it)
  • Silent (must reside in the living room)
home server hardware
Home Server, hardware

Front view, closed

IR transmitter (points upwards)

to control existing equipment

Removable display,

touch sensitive, full

color allows video. (Alarms,

volume, pictures etc)







IR receiver for normal

remote controller

irDA receiver for

PCs, PDAs and cameras

Lid. Is open at the bottom

to allow cable access from

front (e.g. a video camera)


card for digital cameras

home server hardware front view
Home Server, hardware front view

Front view, lid open

Display will offer help

while connecting devices in local

language. Gets info from the

internet so it can adapt to new

devices coming in the market

Ethernet 10/100 Mb

auto polarity detection

PCMCIA (Bluetooth,

Hyperlan, 802.11)

Cable gutters

going to back

Ethernet connector.

This connector needs a UTP-5 cable

to your computer with a maximum

length of 50 meters. There is currently

no connection.

Cover, can slide forward

all the way to allow easy

access to cable gutters


Analog audio/video in/out


FireWire (IEEE 1394B)

Firewire sticks. Extend functionality

over Firewire bus like extra audio/video

channels, cable/satellite receiver, modems,

networks, … (standard does not exist yet)

home server hardware top view
Home Server, hardware top view

Top view, open












Logic board

Power supply

IDE Drive bay 1+2

IDE Drive bay 3+4

Connection area (open)

ample space


home server software architecture
Home Server, software architecture

All services

are written as OSGi

bundles with

optional Native code to

access system resources






Java VM with OSGi

Basic Linux kernel

Very thin Linux kernel

with only core device drivers.

Device drivers will be delivered

as bundles


home server system software
Home Server system software
  • Fully OSGi compliant
    • Leverage OSGi efforts
    • Might utilize native code for performance
    • Also system software delivered as bundles
  • Network services
    • DHCPD, DNS, firewalling
    • Web server with DAV
    • Microsoft file sharing
    • NFS
home server system software12
Home Server system software
  • Audio/Video Management
    • IEEE 1394B channel management
  • Display management
  • Discovery services
    • UPnP, Jini, Bluetooth
    • Bridging
  • Services centered around InfoBase