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Getting the Most out of Your Guild

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Getting the Most out of Your Guild - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Getting the Most out of Your Guild. Presented by Lynne A. Zeh Founding and Past President of Mo-Kan Machine Quilters Guild. Topics. State of the Industry Why start a guild? What do you need to consider? Where do you start? Where can your guild go? IMQA Industry Issues.

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Getting the Most out of Your Guild

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getting the most out of your guild

Getting the Mostout of Your Guild

Presented by Lynne A. Zeh

Founding and Past President of Mo-Kan Machine Quilters Guild

  • State of the Industry
  • Why start a guild?
  • What do you need to consider?
  • Where do you start?
  • Where can your guild go?
  • IMQA
  • Industry Issues
state of the industry
State of the Industry
  • “There are not enough machine quilters in the USA today, to quilt all the tops in the USA today, in the next 100 years”.
  • The quilting industry is thriving despite the nay-sayers.
quilting in america 2006 survey
Quilting in America 2006 Survey
  • Survey shows U.S. has 27 million quilters; industry worth $3.3 billion annually
  • Key Findings 2006
  • • Number of quilters in the U.S. has grown by 6.3 million in the past 3 years to 27.7 million.
  • • Total U.S. quilting industry has grown by 35.5% in the past 3 years to $3.3. billion.
  • • Dedicated quilter market has grown by 34.6% in the past 3 years to $2.89 billion.
  • • 4.7% of all quilters—Dedicated Quilters—account for 88% of total quilting industry expenditures.
  • • 230% increase in non-dedicated spending.
  •; website where this information can be found.
why start a guild
Why start a guild?
  • Locate fellow quilters in your area and build relationships.
  • Create a community of sharing.
  • Keep up with what is happening in the industry.
  • Shorten the learning curve.
  • Discover regional marketing savvy
  • Share pricing information
  • Lessen negative competition and promote positive competition.
what do you need to consider
What do you needto consider?
  • How much time can you devote to an effort outside of your business & family.
  • State laws on how groups can operate.
  • Federal laws on how groups can operate.
  • What would you like to accomplish as a group?
  • When and how often would you like to meet?
  • What are your geographic limitations?
  • How to use technology to aid in communications.
where do you start
Where do you start?
  • If you know another quilter in the area, find a way to connect.
  • Make up a poster/brochure/email describing your intent.
  • Post the poster and watch the results.
  • Sources: IMQA web site, quilt shops, fabric stores, local guilds
guild structure
Guild Structure
  • Formal, President, VP of Programs, Treasurer, Secretary, Sergeant of Arms
  • Informal, rule by committee
  • Positions to consider: Newsletter Editor, Web Editor, Membership, Greeter, Education, Guild Liaison, Community Service, Property Management, Challenge Coordinator
mission statement
Mission Statement
  • Mission Statement : To promote the art of machine quilting, to bridge the gap with traditional hand quilters, and to support each other with encouragement, information and education in a constructive, purposeful manner MKMQG
  • A Mission Statement helps you to work through the process of how you would like to define yourself and what your goals are.
program possibilities
Program Possibilities
  • How to write a work order.
  • Scheduling
  • Pricing
  • How to set up a work space
  • Taxes
  • Positive results for customers
  • Marketing yourself
  • Using a digital camera
  • Where to buy supplies
  • Thread
  • Batting
  • Have great quilters from other areas come.
guild events
Guild Events
  • 7 minutes or less Demonstrations/Lessons
  • Fund raising, Annual Sale, Opportunity Quilt
  • Annual Challenges
  • Digital Cameras
  • Group Shopping Expeditions
  • Meandering Moments
  • Mentor Program
  • MQS Dissected
  • National Machine Quilting Teachers
  • Participation in regional guild activities; giving demo’s
  • Prepare handouts for customers
  • Product University
  • Show and Tell or Questions & Answers
  • Studio Hop
where can your guild go
Where can your guild go?
  • The possibilities are unlimited.
  • You can create small exhibits within the guild and share them with traditional local guilds who put on shows.
  • You can create a program to give to traditional local guilds to help break down barriers.
  • You can create a local buying consortium to get batting or thread or machine parts.
  • You can help each other by creating relationships, so that if you are in need you can help each other out.
  • Create a Mentor program.
  • Influence IMQA, manufacturers, legislation
  • International outreach
how can imqa help
How Can IMQA Help?
  • In the process of creating a new position within IMQA
  • Utilize the web site
  • Maybe an article in On-Track
  • Promote the idea of Regional Groups
  • Possibly developing chapter organizations similar to NQA.
  • Formation of local forum groups
  • Conducting Forum groups during MQS
  • Promote the idea of “sister” guilds internationally.
  • Please fill out the survey.
  • Please contact me, my information is at the bottom of your handout.
industry issues
Industry Issues
  • Insurance for your business and health.
  • Pricing
  • The Newbie/Beginner
  • Internet
  • Quilt Shows
  • Copy write Laws
  • Driving manufactures for features & products
  • Create a master program
member testimonials
Member Testimonials
  • Cindy Drake – Being around other quilters had increased my confidence, and I always walk away having learned something new.
  • Don Suttcliff – I like the fact that this group has a mission and that we stick to it.
  • Interviewed MKMQG members, comments have been paraphrased.
resource websites
Resource Websites