business economics research for law librarians l.
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Business & Economics Research for Law Librarians

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Business & Economics Research for Law Librarians - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Business & Economics Research for Law Librarians Paul Brothers Todd Hines Business Reference Librarians Angelo Bruno Business Library

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business economics research for law librarians

Business & Economics Research for Law Librarians

Paul Brothers

Todd Hines

Business Reference Librarians

Angelo Bruno Business Library

“A lawyer who has not studied economics…is very apt to become a public enemy.” Justice Brandeis, Illinois Law Review, “The Living Law” (1916) (Law and Economics, preface)

the interface between law and economics
  • 1st meeting – lawyers sought expert witness, some of whom were economists
  • Most active area of cooperation for economists – Antitrust field
  • Other areas of law that sought economists:
    • Criminal justice
    • Pollution
    • Poverty
    • Racial discrimination
    • Land use planning
    • Accident prevention
    • Landlord-tenant relations
    • Urban governments
    • Etc.

(Law and Economics, pg. 2)

law economics the merger
Law & Economics – the merger

“The interaction between lawyers and economists gained scope in the early 1980’s when many business decisions appeared to be made in the courthouses rather than in boardrooms. Some of these court decisions can have a bigger impact on sales and earnings than the marketplace itself.” (Law & Economics, pg.2).

  • Law Librarians usually have access to better asset sources than business librarians
    • LexisNexis
      • Personal property
      • Real property
      • Judgments & liens
      • Accurint (owned by LexisNexis)
    • Westlaw
      • Asset locator
assets cont
Assets (cont.)
  • Public companies
    • Check salary & bonus
    • Company stock & stock options
    • Insider trading
    • IPO registrations
  • Private companies
    • Acquired by public company
    • Compare to similar public company
    • Business press articles
looking for officers
Looking for Officers?
  • Alabama Virtual Library (AVL)
    • Business Source Premier
    • Company Profiles
    • Enter name of company OR lookup
    • Click on “Datamonitor Report”
    • See “Key Employees”
other sources for officers
Other sources for “Officers”
  • (good amount of FREE data)
    • Enter company name
    • Click on “People”
  • Print directories such as;
    • Ward’s Business Directory
    • Dunn & Bradstreet Million Dollar Directory
    • Directory of Corporate Affiliations
  • What two areas are you most interested in?
    • Financial data (stock & bond prices including delisted & obsolete securities)
    • Economic statistics (CPI, trade deficit, etc.)
    • Accounting statistics/information (financial statements)
    • Market research statistics (Who uses Clairol Herbal Essences shampoo? What are the best selling shampoos?)
    • Industry statistics (How big is the payday loan industry?).
business law pubs
Business & Law pubs.
  • European Journal of Law & Economics
  • World Competition: Law and Economics Review
  • Law and Policy in International Business
  • ABA and Business Law Today (BLT)
  • Antitrust Law and Economics Review
  • American Business Law Journal
google scholar
Google Scholar
  • Covers scholarly literature
  • Easy way to determine
    • Who is a leading academic expert in this area?
  • Google Scholar does a pretty good job of determining whose research is highly cited.
    • Ex. backdating of stock options
    • Ex. private equity
  • Note: you might not be able to get to a full text copy
business source premier bsp
Business Source Premier (BSP)
  • Great place for industry overview
  • Click on “Industry Profiles”
    • Enter name of Industry, e.g. “publishing”
    • Datamonitor reports are provided
  • Great place for company overview
  • Not only can you find officers and other employees but also:
    • S.W.O.T. analysis
    • Top competitors
    • Locations and subsidiaries
    • Etc.
  • Great place for articles – can limit to scholarly
  • Also includes Trade Publications:
business company resource center
Business & Company Resource Center
  • Available through Alabama Virtual Library
  • Selected content
    • Company overviews
    • Industry overviews
    • Market share
    • Trade publications
intersection of business law
Intersection of Business & Law
  • Journal of Business & Technology Law – increasing area of interplay due to intellectual property rights
  • Some schools have interplay between entertainment and law
  • Venture capital – laws that can mimic a Silicon Valley
  • Law and insurance - how economics play a part
works cited
Works Cited
  • Law and Economics: An Introductory Analysis, 2nd ed. Werner Z. Hirsch, Dept. of Economics, Univ. of California, Los Angeles. Academic Press, Inc.1988.