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Try this site for more information about Renavast and also you can follow us on We are so grateful for this one miracle product called RenAvast which saved her and us. RenAvast bottles come with 60 sprinkle capsules to provide your cat with 1-2 months of daily doses. We always had great time together but the last 2 years was very special because at one point I felt that I had to put her to sleep. I will be forever grateful for that gift.

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RenAvast is a new nutritional supplement to help support natural kidney functions in cats and dogs. RenAvast is 100% safe with no reported side effects. RenAvast is a combination of naturally occurring amino acids and peptides. Cats and dogs have seen improvement within weeks of starting RenAvast.


renavast support healthy kidney function in your cat
Renavast - support healthy Kidney function in your cat.

RenAvast contains Avastamine, a proprietary blend of L-Aspartic acid, L-Carnosine, L-Glutamic acid, L-Glutamine, Glycine, L-Arginine, and L-Histidine. RenAvast helps decrease renal blood pressure, enhances expression of BMP-7, a hormone that causes re-generation and repair of kidney tissue, and increases renal vasodilation. Renavast sprinkle capsules are easily mixed with a small amount of wet food twice daily.


Cats and dogs have enjoyed over 4,000,000 meals with RenAvast™ with no negative side effects reported. Here is how to administer RenAvast™ for cats or dogs.

Easy to mix with food.

renavast healthy supplement to keep your cat healthy forever
Renavast - Healthy Supplement To Keep Your Cat Healthy Forever

RenAvast is a combination of naturally occurring amino acids and peptides. RenAvast is mixed with food and fed to cats or dogs. Cats and Dogs have seen improvement within weeks of starting RenAvast. Reported improvements include but are not limited to coat improvement, increased appetite, decreased vomiting, weight gain and a general all over sense of feeling better. RenAvast does not need refrigeration and has a 3 year shelf life.


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