saticficing in the home buying process n.
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Saticficing in the Home Buying Process - ReMarketingExpert PowerPoint Presentation
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Saticficing in the Home Buying Process - ReMarketingExpert

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Saticficing in the Home Buying Process - ReMarketingExpert - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Humans have the tendency to select the fist or one of the first options presented to them if it meets certain basic criteria. Get the best option with today's home buying process. Visit us at -

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Saticficing in the Home Buying Process - ReMarketingExpert

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    1. Saticficing in the Home Buying Process By

    2. Saticficing: Satisfy and Suffice According to this concept consumers are predisposed towards making satisfactory decisions instead of the “best” possible ones mainly for three reasons: 1. They don’t have (or feel they don’t have) enough information 2. Their ability to process information is limited 3. They don’t have the time to collect all the relevant information and process it adequately

    3. Home Buying Process There may be hundreds of suitable homes in the market but the average home buyer will see no more than 12 before making a decision. It is notable that this is down from 15 in 2007 and it decreases steadily every year.

    4. Role of Internet in Home Buying Process As internet increases its utility as a primary source of real estate information and more and more visual information such as quality photography and high definition video is readily available, the home buyers will rely on the online material to rule out homes with less online appeal.

    5. Digital House Hunt According to the “Digital House Hunt” report we discussed in our previous posts, 57% of the home buyers will search online for 60 to 120 days before going out to view homes. There is no doubt that the short list of the 12 homes they will view before making an offer will contain only the homes that really impressed them and stood out from the competition.

    6. Before the Internet Revolution Before the internet revolution a listing’s marketing budget would be hardly enough to allow for a few Xerox flyers and, in the best case, a couple of newspaper ads.

    7. Home Buying Process Today The Internet revolution changed the home buying process fundamentally. The real estate agent can now add much more value to the process than in the past but the required skill set has now changed: The real estate agent is now a marketer more than anything else.

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