how to make your relationship sizzle instead of fizzle l.
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How to Make Your Relationship Sizzle Instead of Fizzle PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Make Your Relationship Sizzle Instead of Fizzle

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How to Make Your Relationship Sizzle Instead of Fizzle - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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how to make your relationship sizzle instead of fizzle

What kind of relationship do you want? It is certain you do not want a relationship which sputters, flickers, and fizzles out. You want a relationship which sizzles with heat and passion keeping both of you excited and happy in your life together. How can you create that kind of relationship?

Your Imagination Starts the Fires of Romance

Relationships which fizzle out usually fade because of boredom. You both become locked into a routine and the fun, adventure, and excitement you shared before is gone. There is no mystery.

To keep your relationship burning hotly you need to spend some time exploring your dreams and the dreams of your partner. Remember there are no limits you cannot explore. For added fun do this apart and plan some exciting dates for each other.

How to Make Your Relationship Sizzle Instead of Fizzle


Sizzling Ideas to Spur Your Relationship

Here is one example of an idea one of you might love. Imagine a night out under the stars in a sleeping bag. You have a bottle of champagne and a small fire to keep you warm. You sip the champagne staring into each other’s eyes and then snuggle up together for some time alone in the sleeping bag. What is fun about this idea is it can happen at a campground or your own backyard.

Another fun example is planning a weekend away for your partner. What do they really love to do, even if you are not that excited about it? Imagine the delight in your boyfriend or husband’s face when you announce the two of you are skipping away for a weekend to watch his favorite team play. Whisper in his ear about the other sports you have planned for later in the hotel room. He may discover the game is not that interesting after all.

On the reverse side, if you are planning a weekend away for your girlfriend or wife, what does she really love? Where your idea of a perfect weekend might be sports or fishing, her idea is probably much different. What if you planned a weekend away at a spa where she could be pampered? Take her out for dinner and a little dancing, even if you don’t really like it. Whisper in her ear how you really feel about her and what you are imagining the rest of the evening looking like.

Focus On Your Partner to Make Romance Burn Hot

The key to keeping sizzle in your relationship is learning to focus on the desires and interests of your partner. What you will quickly discover is you are really being very selfish. The response you will get in love and gratitude for your thoughtfulness will soon have you wanting to do more. Sit down; discuss these ideas with your partner.

Start creating a list of fun and inexpensive ideas you can enjoy together. Focus on each other’s needs and have fun. Your weekends will be filled with fun, laughter, play, and romance. The key to a great relationship is remembering what you loved about each other at first. The adventure of romance never needs to die in your life.