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Dating and Relationship Advice

Dating and Relationship advice helps in the building up of healthy relationship, dating and marriage relationship.

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Dating and Relationship Advice

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  1. Dating and Relationship AdviceBy

  2. INTRODUCTION • Despite all the hyped information on the internet about how to make a good and perfect relationship, so many people still finds it difficult to have the kind of relationship that they desire in their life. This could be attributed to some reasons. But this site will open your eye to some of the things that will make your relationship a stronger one. Many people are been carried away by love messages thinking that is relationship.

  3. A LITTLE CHANLLENGE FROM MY FRIEND • I have a friend of mine who has been into a dating relationship for many years, and all that happens to her is to break up today and recover tomorrow because the guy in question always sends her some love messages and also tells her some love stories. All she thinks is, that is what makes a good and perfect relationship by just talking about love all the time.

  4. Why am I saying this, she came to me one faithful day with tears all over her face and all her appearance changed, she is no longer the person I used to know before I managed to console her, but when she was a bit relieved she started telling me what went wrong. The guy that claims to love her has dumped her for another women and she does not know what to do. I counsel her based on this advice am about to share with you and today she is leaving fine and happily marriage. Now she has been a source of advice to so many people around her.

  5. LEARN FROM MY EXPERIENCE THE THINGS THAT HELPED ME. • Are you in a hurry …… to know this relationship advice that worked for my friend?Just take it easy, I will like you to decide on that relationship that you are in now after going through these advice if you will continue or not and you singles that have not been into one before, no what you need to consider important whenever you found one because many people are out there to deceive you.

  6. THE BEST RELATIONSHIP ADVICE THAT HELPED ME IN MY RELATIONSHIP • Honesty • Respect • Communication • Friendship • Love So let go into details of these best relationship advice.

  7. HONESTY • According to WikipediaHonesty refers to a facet of moral character and denotes positive, virtuous attributes such as integrity truthfulness, and straightforwardness along with the absence of lying, cheating or theft.Honesty travels on a larger arc than merely telling the truth. Telling the truth involves answering a question directly without lying or attempting to deceive. Honesty involves context and answering even the unasked question. For instance an honest person will rarely exhibit surprising behavior in the lives of others due to having kept others informed of personal opinions. Additionally an honest person will inform others of opportunities for growth and self-actualization. Secrets allowing people to be harmed, self-deception – not being aware of one’s own environment, and remaining silent when duty calls forth an opinion become silences which hurt others in the long-run. Honesty means being open about one’s life.

  8. RESPECT • When you talk about respect, many people thinks its meant for married people. But not as you think. Relationship is to be respected to make it look good and also for the growth, if there is disrespectful in any relationship it will not grow. A man in a relationship should respect his partner while the woman also should respect her partner. Don’t do anything that you know that will hurt your partner when you are in a relationship. When you respect your partner other people will respect him or her but if you disrespect him the reverse is the case. Respect is very vital in any relationship if you want to make it perfect.

  9. COMMUNICATION • Many has failed in this aspect, they always talk to each other without communicating to each other. One of my student one day told me that he has been the one talking, that she doesn’t talk and I answered him, if he has ever giving her his ear before to listen. Don’t be the only one communicating in any relationship, it’s for both parties.

  10. FRIENDSHIP • I always advice people in relationship to be friends. I don’t know if you understand what I mean. When you are friends, you will not keep secret from each other and will like to tell your partner everything about you without hiding anything. So be each others friends even when you are in any relationship.

  11. LOVE • Love covers so many things in any relationship, if both parties truly love themselves they will always work tobuild a good relationship. Whenever you talk about love people always have the mind set of sex but I will like you to understand that sex is not love and love is not sex. Tell your partner everything that will make him/her feel loved. Send lovely messages to each other often, put on those cloths he/she likes seeing you on. Look sexy to attract your partner. Always admire your partner no matter how long you have been into that relationship. • I hope you enjoyed this little article, applying this relationship advice correctly will yield a positive result.  I will be very happy to hear your feedback on how it has helped you

  12. Conclusion • Having known what makes up a good and perfect relationship. I will always advice you to keep it up and do the right thing to achieve a better result. Or you can visit For more information.

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