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PA Divorce Process

Learn about the different options available for those seeking a Pennsylvania Divorce.

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PA Divorce Process

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  1. Need Information on the PA Divorce Process?

  2. Not to Worry, PA Divorce Lawyers Can Help! Listed are the various divorce options for when seeking a divorce in Pennsylvania.

  3. PA Uncontested (No-Fault) Divorce

  4. To Qualify for a No-Fault Divorce • You or your spouse must have been a resident of PA for at minimum, 6 months • No property or economic issues are involved in your case • Both Spouses agree to sign the papers (If your spouse won't sign, don't worry, we can still help. Please contact us for more information)

  5. Grounds for a No-Fault Divorce • Institutionalization • Mutual Consent • Irretrievable Breakdown

  6. PA Fault-Based Divorce

  7. Grounds for a Fault Divorce • Voluntary Desertion • Adultery • Bigamy • Cruelty & Endangerment • Imprisonment (minimum of 2 years) • Unbearable Treatment from your Spouse

  8. When you Can’t Agree • PA Contested Divorce is usually necessary when parties can’t reach an agreement regarding the terms of the divorce. Often contested divorces involve issues related to property disputes, real estate, investments, retirement accounts and child custody issues.

  9. Divorce Mediation

  10. When trying to be Cost Effective Divorce Mediation is for those who are having difficulty reaching an agreement but that want to seek a divorce that is cost effective. In an effort to reach an agreement and ultimately avoid litigation, couples often seek divorce mediation services to help them along in their divorce process.

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