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Commercial Mortgage Refinance Poor Credit

A bad credit mortgage is no different from an ordinary mortgage except for the fact that it's given to people having a bad credit history. Click this site http://www.us-funding-solutions.com/commercialmortgagerefinance.htm for more information on commercial mortgage refinance poor credit. A mortgage serves as a boon for people having a poor credit history that could have happened due to nonpayment of debts in time, bankruptcy, black mark from any credit agency. Therefore learn about the best commercial mortgage refinance poor credit. <br>Follow us http://privatemortgagebuyers.blogspot.com/2015/11/refinance-commercial-mortgage-to-avoid.html<br>

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Commercial Mortgage Refinance Poor Credit

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  1. U.S. Funding Solutions, Inc. represents top bank and non-bank lenders to help you with your business real estate based loan needs. Call today or send an e-mail to learn more about these great loans. Refinance Commercial Mortgage To Avoid Foreclosure

  2. Refinance Commercial Mortgage We have teamed up with a number of lenders to drastically increase the types of business real estate loans programs we can offer. With the addition of these programs, our offerings are too broad and ever changing to even attempt to place on this web page. Just to give you a hint, our new programs include: Acquisitions, Rate and Term, Construction Loans, Bridge Financing, Equity/Joint Venture and Hard Money.

  3. Commercial Mortgage Refinance Balloon Payment Due We also have Non-Recourse programs and some strong programsapartments. Property types include: Apartments, Office, Retail, Hospitality, Industrial, Mixed Use and Healthcare. The key to get the best program for your business is to find an expert with access to a significant number of lenders. That way you end up with the very best business real estate loan for your situation, instead of submitting your package to numerous lenders in the maze of "lenders" out there, most if not all of which aren't a good fit for you causing you time, money and frustrations and at best ending up with a structure that is not the best answer for your needs much less the best rate. That's where we come in.

  4. Commercial Mortgage Refinance Poor Credit We represent traditional hard money lenders but have refocused our efforts on a unique Low Rate (and low points) commercial bridge lender that is not credit score focused. Call to learn more. You'll be amazed. We specialize in lending for property acquisitions and refinance. Our creative lending expertise enables us to close on these equity-based programs of $300,000 to $15,000,000. They also allow borrowers with assets to acquire the financing they need.

  5. Refinance Commercial Mortgage To Avoid Foreclosure us-funding-solutions.com

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