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The first online Mutual Fund Software in India

The first online Mutual Fund Software in India composed of multi asset consolidation and automation through artificial intelligence technologies.For more information visit @-http://www.redvisiontech.com/

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The first online Mutual Fund Software in India

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  1. Wealth eoffice A Online Wealth Management Distribution Platform The Secret of successful National Distributors NOW Revealed!!! Brought to you by:

  2. About REDVision Technologies Corporate Admin Desk Advisor Wealth Management System Corporate Website

  3. (An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company) • REDVision Computer Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a diversified IT solutions company offering world class B2B application services since 2006 to help organization exceed its technological expectations in India & Abroad. Our competencies lie in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Development, Application Development and Maintenance. REDVision Technologies offers a mature and seasoned team for implementing your ideas in real business. The team's exposure in software implementation, Product ranges from Mutual Fund/Wealth Management ERP system which is currently used by more than 40000 satisfied Online Portfolio users, which makes us one of the India’s largest Online wealth management software providers. Colleges Management ERP, Stand alone applications, Pharma company management ERP system are our focused area of working. With diverse implementation exposures, REDVision Technologies has good grasp over technology and quality implementations are mandatory for us.

  4. REDVision Flagship Products Range

  5. Multi Assets Corporate Distributor Model • Wealth eoffice Mutual Fund Equity/Stocks Life Insurance General Insurance Health Insurance Bank FD Bonds KVP PPF MIS Post Office RBI Relief Bonds NSC

  6. India is changing rapidly. Reform process will allow India to grow at near 8% for next 10 to 15 years. It may even reach 9% - 10% if reforms are pursued aggressively. India – among the world’s fastest growing economy. The world’s third largest economy by 2020. Per Capita Income going to be four fold in 2020 & Remember… India is ‘saving’ economy. • There will be rising demand for diversified financial instruments to invest those savings & much greater need of qualified financial advisors/planner. • Its right time to Start / Expand your distribution network, now the backbone of every distribution network i.e. ‘Wealth Management Network System’ is available to you at reasonable price. • We are lucky to be present in India during this great time of growth and opportunity & having reach to such a advance technology…

  7. How to ride the growth… Your Have Two Options: Grow business on own and employees… Have Sub-Brokers working for you. No liability & no capital investment. You can reach to a very large segment of the market within a reasonable time. • But the Biggest Question: • Q: Why Sub-Broker will work with you? • A: Sub-Brokers Need following key Services like: • 1. Technology (Online Wealth Management tool for them & their clients). • 2. Training & Development support . • 3. All Financial Products under one roof. • 4. Attractive Brokerage/Incentives on time. • Technology is the key strength of all National Distributors (NDs) & Corporate Houses to keep the Sub-Brokers/Associates dependent on them, technology helps them in binding the sub-brokers & their clients in one system which they can not afford by own.

  8. How Technology Will Help you in Developing Your Business

  9. Head Office Login Desk HO Back Office Desk Layer I Direct Clients Login Branch1 Branch2 Layer II RM1 Login RM2 Login Sub-Brokers Login Layer III Layer IV Clients Login Clients Login Clients Login

  10. Add New Sub-Broker/Client/RM • Create Sub-Broker/RM/Client login desk • Family Creation/Updation Panel • Uploading CAMS/KARVY Registrar Files • Merge Clients & Map Sub-Broker • Sub-Broker & Client hits Counter • View MF AUM by Fund/Scheme wise • Monitor RM/SB Performance • MF Inward & Outward Transaction • SIP Inside Reports • Folio Master Reports • Consolidated Wealth Valuation Report • LI & GI premium due calendar • Profit Booking Alert Management System • LI,GI & FD maturity Calendar • Client’s Portfolio in profit/Loss • Bulk SMS Sending Panel • Overall business statics • Family Wise MF Exposure Report • Automatic NAV Updation • Integration on Company’s Website* • Most Simple & Easy to Use Reports Lets Look Some Utilities and Reports.

  11. Allot Broker/Employee Codes Add New Broker/ Sub-Broker/ RM Date of Joining Bank Details

  12. View Complete Performance of SB/RM on Single Screen.

  13. Why Wealth eoffice? • Unique Wealth Management Technology keeps you ahead of competition. • Reduce Client Service time & Increase Client Satisfaction & Revenue. • Multiple products in a single portfolio, makes you a true ‘Wealth Manager’. • This software have capacity to handle AUM of Rs.3000 Cr & more than1 Lakh Clients. • Each client gets separate wealth account login to check net worth online. • SMS Current Valuation, Premium due, FD maturity, Birthday & Anniversary to Client. • 100% web based, Freedom to access your eoffice from anywhere in the world.

  14. Individual Wealth Report • Products covered in Wealth Management System • Mutual Funds • Equity • Life Insurance ( All Companies) • General Insurance ( Includes Health & Vehicle ) • Post Office, Bank FD • Debenture, KVP, RBI Relief Bonds • Commodities (Gold & Silver), Real Estate Wealth Report on SMS

  15. Extended Wealth Report MF • Strategic Advantage of eoffice. • Information = Money • Now you know:- • How much Bank FD, KVP, Bonds, PO, LI, GI, MF, Equity, Health Insurance client have with other Advisors. • You know when these products are getting mature • With the help of this information you can suggest better alternative you offer. • Business Logic:- • More Cross Sell = Bigger Market Share

  16. Family Wealth Report • Family Member’s Portfolio User Friendly Reports Navigation When you click on Show Family Wealth Report is one view wealth summary of every member in a family, its shows the individual portfolio details when you click on show button.

  17. SIP Report MF Customer Satisfaction Determines Business Success • Customer Expectations are Normally Not Very High • BUT…Your Job is to Surprise Them • Customer’s “WOW” Level is Doing • What They Haven’t even imagined!!! Customer Satisfaction Perceived Services Expected Services Some Fact about Customer Behavior 66% Customers are lost primarily due to indifference in Services 14% Customers are lost due to dissatisfaction 96% Customers don’t complain… they choose another advisor. The customers who feel poorly served will tell between 8 and 16 people about their negative experience. A WOW customer introduce you with at least 3 new customer A new customer acquisition ten times more expensive than to keep a current customer. - Bain & Company Research

  18. Mutual Fund Transaction Report: Know Your each Transaction MF

  19. Folio Master: Get Instant Folio Information • A Common Problem: At the time of transaction Advisor don’t know about Joint holders, Bank account & other details, they have to call Account Statement again & again. Here is all information on a click MF

  20. View AUM Report by Advisor WITH Investment Amount, Div. Paid, Reinvest and Absolute Return

  21. Along with your total AUM, Know client’s portfolio is in profit / loss, Dividend paid or Reinvest, Current value & absolute returns MF

  22. Know Schemes you advised, their profit / loss, Dividend paid or Reinvest, Current value & absolute returns. MF

  23. Know Fund Houses you promote, their profit / loss, Dividend paid or Reinvest, Current value & absolute returns. MF

  24. Life Insurance Policy Holding Report LI

  25. Insurance Due List LI

  26. Paid Premium Record Panel LI

  27. General Insurance Policy Holding Report GI

  28. Renew GI Policy Panel GI

  29. Fixed Deposit Investment Report FD

  30. Post Office Investment Report PO

  31. Post Office Maturity List PO

  32. Data Management • Direct Upload from Registrar (CAMS, Karvy & Templeton) mail back files for Mutual Fund. Auto-creation of SIP/STP/SWP transactions from their masters. No entry required in MF. See uploading panel, Click image>> • The date of last time transaction & NAV file uploaded will be mentioned on wizard. • Facility of Entering data of Life & Non Life Insurance, Bank FD, Debenture etc. << See Insurance data entry form

  33. What will happen when… • Your Client investing Rs.100000 for daughter’s marriage & want to switch to Bond fund when the amount grow to Rs.200000 anytime in next 5 Years, How you will remind him. • Your client want to redeem money when he will get profit of 20%. • Your client want you to remind him when the NAV of a fund reach to Rs.15. • Many client didn’t know that they have completed 3 Years in Tax Saving Funds (ELSS). • Do you remember Jan 2008 when your clients were getting huge profits but you couldn’t book it. Set Triggers/ Alerts on SMS Trigger by Achievement for a particular investment Set Target Date Trigger Set Profit Booking Trigger Set NAV Target Trigger

  34. Other Reminders on SMS & Email • Life Insurance policy Maturity Reminders • General Insurance Policy Renewal Reminders • FD/ PO/ Bond/ Debenture Maturity Reminders • Life Insurance Pay Premium Reminder • Set Monthly Schedule of MF/ Wealth Report on SMS/Email Inform Your Clients at Speed of Light. Reduce business expenses & service time. “You have to do Competition, only when you are similar to others”

  35. Bulk SMS Console • Send Hundreds of SMS on Single Click • Sent SMS Report • Know the Clients whom SMS Sent

  36. Get New Customers, Without Any Hard Work • Online Reference System • How it will Work: • Every Time when client ‘Logout’ from eoffice • He Will be Asked “Are you happy with our services?” • There will be 3 Options “Yes” or “No” or “Close”. • If Client Click “No”, then he will reach to Feedback. • If Client Click “Yes”, then these text will appear • “The Best Way to Thank Your ‘Wealth Manager’ is provide 5 references” • Your Client Will type Name of his friends & mobile numbers in the given fields • & Click ‘Send’ You +5 +25 +125 + 625 You +5 +25 + 125 You +5 +25 You +5 Clients January April July December

  37. Virtual Appointment Manager • VirtualAppointment Manager: • You can set appointment Date, Time & Client Name. • Wealth eoffice will Remind You Via SMS Before the Appointment Time. • “If There’s Any Delay, • it’s you who Pay!.”

  38. Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ) Q: Is my data secure? A: Yes, the Linux server which is being used is highly secure & Certified by Cyber Security Companies like: With these certification the Data is more secure even more then your PC. Q: How I will Get After Sales Support? A: Wealth eoffice is 100% Web based System, Queries Execute Directly From Server, So most of the time client will not have any problem but in case if Client have any Problem it Can be Rectify Without Any Physical Visit. Q: I work from office as well as from home, can I work from both places? A: Wealth eoffice gives you freedom to work from any part of the world, the only thing which is required is a system with internet.

  39. The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it. • - Michelangelo

  40. Contact Us REDVision Computer Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company) Head Office: Bansi Trade Center LG-11, 581, M.G. Road, Indore 452001 (M.P) INDIA +91 930 29 80808 +91 932 93 90909 +91 0731 40 26004 E-mail : query@redvisiontech.com Website : www.redvisiontech.com

  41. Thank You

  42. DISCLAIMER This Presentation is intellectual property of Red Vision Technologies. The text of this presentation may contain information, which is proprietary and/or confidential or privileged in nature belonging to Red Vision Technologies. The authorized recipient of this presentation are not allowed to forward/distribute it by any medium without approval/ permission of Red Vision Technologies authorized person. The recipient if not the addressee should not use this presentation if erroneously received and access to this presentation by anyone other than the addressee is unauthorized. The recipient if not the intended addressee should delete the message. The recipient acknowledges that Red Vision Technologies may be unable to exercise control or ensure or guarantee the integrity of the text of the presentation and the text is not warranted as to completeness and accuracy and is subject to change without notice.

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