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Types Of Driveway Gates PowerPoint Presentation
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Types Of Driveway Gates

Types Of Driveway Gates

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Types Of Driveway Gates

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  1. Types Of Driveway Gates

  2. Types of Driveway Gates • Automated Slide Gates • Swing Gates • Barrier Gates

  3. What is Sliding Gate ? Unlike common knife gates, a slide gate is a component that fits into a system specifically engineered to handle dry bulk powders, pellets, and granules. Slide gate valves are linear motion valves in which a flat plate slides into the flow stream to provide a shut-off of material or air.

  4. Automated Slide Gates As its name implies, a slide gate either slides on wheels from left to right or right to left, not unlike many department store automatic doors.In order to accommodate a slide gate, on either the right or left of the gate, you must have space that is at least equal to the width of your driveway, and then some. Imagine you have a 16’ wide driveway and, therefore, a 16’ slide gate

  5. Swing Gates Swing gates swing open like the door to your bedroom or bathroom might, simply opening inward or outward.Oh, and keep in mind that an outward swinging gate must be set back from a street or sidewalk enough so as not to bap a passerby or car in the “face” when it opens.

  6. Barrier Gates Barrier gate operators are what you see in parking garages, at toll booths, and at other traffic control areas. Imagine sticking your left arm straight out at your side at shoulder-height, and then when someone wants to walk to your left, you lift your arm up so that your fingers point toward the sky and let them pass, then lower your arm back to your side to stop the next person from passing.

  7. To Know more details about the Sliding Gate visit the official link below.