Ball mill plants maintenance and care
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A guide to monitoring, diagnosing and rectifying ball mill plants to ensure their long life.

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Ball mill plants maintenance and care


A guide to monitoring, diagnosing and rectifying ball mill plants to ensure their long life.

The need of regular inspections
The Need of Regular Inspections

  • Regular inspections guarantee trouble-free and optimal operation of the machinery involved.

  • Inspections catch anomalies, thereby eliminating major break-down of machinery.

  • Inspections allow us to identify out-dated process chains and replace them with more advanced technologies.

  • Periodic checks for wear and tear are essential to maintain high (and reliable) levels of output.

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The stages of inspection
The Stages of Inspection

The slide shoe bearing ball mill is especially prone to wear-and-tear. This type of mill requires clockwork inspection.

  • 1. Preliminary Examination (when the machine is at standstill)

  • 2. Inspection of the Separator

  • 3. Detailed Inspection of the Gear

  • 4. Data Compilation, Final Report, and Recommendations

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1 standstill inspection
1. Standstill Inspection

  • External and Internal inspection of the machinery by experts

  • Checking for hydraulics and lubrications

  • Checking to see if the internals of the ball mill show any sign of cracks

  • Measuring the tolerance level between the Slide ring and Slide shoe.

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2 inspection of separator
2. Inspection of Separator

The Separator is checked for faults in the following:

  • Physical damage

  • Internal rotor

  • Guide vanes

  • Output quality check

  • General calibration and oiling

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3 inspection of the gear
3. Inspection of the Gear

Specialized vibration measurement tools are used as the Gear is checked for the following:

  • Accurate overview of overall functioning

  • Measuring temperature variation of the gears during full run

  • Testing back-lash created to ensure that the gear is not generating any undue vibrations

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4 data compilation and evaluation
4. Data Compilation and Evaluation

All the data collected during the evaluation of the machinery is compiled and conclusions are drawn based on empirical evidence.

A comprehensive inspection of the gears is followed by an equally detailed report highlighting the main areas of concern, and the steps that can be taken to correct them.

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This presentation is brought to you by the chanderpur group
This presentation is brought to you by the Chanderpur Group.

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