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Create The Perfect Image with The Right Hotel Supplies PowerPoint Presentation
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Create The Perfect Image with The Right Hotel Supplies

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Create The Perfect Image with The Right Hotel Supplies
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Create The Perfect Image with The Right Hotel Supplies

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  1. Create The Perfect Image with The Right Hotel Supplies "Your first impression leaves a long-lasting impact on your customer." Whether you believe this or not, you will always be haunted with this, especially in the hospitality business. The customer books your hotel only after going through the visitor pictures on the different sites, and looking at the reviews that have been written by those who have visited you. But, what plays a major role in casting an impression is something that often goes unnoticed - the hotel supplies. Though nothing is mentioned in the reviews about the hotel supplies directly, it definitely causes a major impression drop if the supplies are not up to the mark. Most people will write negative, even without realizing what was negative about the whole stay.

  2. The style and quality of your hotel supplies matter a lot when it comes to casting the ideal first impression. Defining Luxury with Amenities What defines a luxury hotel or, makes it look different from a regular hotel? The luxury hotel supplies play a huge role in the art of differentiation. Let's go back to a time when you visited a luxury hotel, and smelled through their supplies. Wasn't there something distinctive about the way they had kept the room, the choice of toiletries and the aroma that spread through the hotel? This difference is remembered for a long time, which is why choosing your supplies should be done keeping in mind the consumer segment you are targeting and the positioning you have held for your hospitality business. Hotel Supplies that Matter When booking a hotel, certain supplies and their appearance matter a lot. It is their personality that makes you book the hotel or, keeps you away from it. A great regard is given to the bed when booking the hotel. Most often people complain that the bed they slept in was not comfortable. A lot of effort goes into making the bed homely, so that the business or leisure travellers can spend some comfortable time there. The other essential supply that plays a distinctive role in decision making is the towel. The quality of the towel along with the appearance plays a vital role in making the guest like the accommodation. If the linen is too rough, it might not go well with the customer, which might indirectly affect your reviews. Toiletries, in many hotels, are not considered among the supplies that make an impression on the customer. But, that's wrong! Many people judge you based on the toiletries you offer. If you are a decent hotel, a decent lot of toiletries are expected from you. In case you fail to provide that, you will be showered with some negative response. The supplies in the hotel should ideally reflect the value and the warmth that you are trying to offer your customer. This is why the fragrance that surrounds your hotel is again very important. You need to ensure that the smell is typical to your hotel, and it is pretty inviting. The overall

  3. environment of your hotel should be clean and tidy, and the systems such as warmers and coolers should be efficient. They may seem as basic things, but they play an important role in making your impression in front of your customers. If you haven't been paying too much attention on hotel supplies, then now is the time. Ramayan Supply offers a range of hospitality supplies that can be customized to suit your needs. Get in touch for the right quote for your hotel!