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Decoding Equity In Online Poker PowerPoint Presentation
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Decoding Equity In Online Poker

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Decoding Equity In Online Poker - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Poker is a world-famous skill-based cards game. It follows a simple rule of the stronger cards you have in a game. Firstly, you can understand your cards strength better and thus enhance your gameplay.

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Decoding Equity In Online Poker

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    1. Decoding Equity In Online Poker Poker is a popular skill-based card game in India where every player should calculate his/her probability of winning the pot. It is a crucial element of poker as it lets you evaluate the percentage of your poker hand that further helps in placing the right bets at the right time to the right opponent. Poker equity usually fluctuates at pre-flop, flop, turn and river and thus needs to be re-calculated every time. In this article, we present to you the following attributes of playing poker online: 1. What is equity in online poker? 2. How poker equity improves your gameplay? 3. How to calculate equity in poker? 4. How to make the best use of poker equity strategy? Let’s begin the article with a brief introduction to poker equity. What is Equity in online poker? It simply means the potential of your poker hand in terms of winning the pot. Since poker is played in its live and online variants, the term equity in online poker refers strictly to its internet-based version. Why calculate equity in poker?

    2. A game of poker often starts at pre-flop round with players sizing up their opponents. A poker pro always calculates his chances of playing because he has loads of professional experience to know the right move. If you are new to poker, then poker equity strategy is of great use for you as you can make better decisions during the game. Equity analysis means to understand your poker hand strength and the situation at the tables anytime during the game. This ultimately helps you to plan how to proceed with the game. Let’s take an example… Suppose you have Ace of hearts, 4 of diamonds and your opponent has Jack of spades and King of hearts. At pre-flop, your pot equity is 58% (approx.) i.e. there are 58% chances of you winning the pot and your opponent has 42% (approx.) pot equity. The flop takes place as follows: 10 of hearts, Ace of diamonds and 2 of spades. Your pot equity is now 81.3% (approx.) and your opponent has an equity of 18.7% (approx.). This is to imply that you can place your bets accordingly and seal the deal in your favour. This is how pot equity strategy works for you. How to calculate equity in poker? Calculating poker equity is simple and easy. You will find poker equity calculators online or can install a mobile App for the same. A poker equity calculator would ask you to select your cards and the community cards dealt to calculate poker equity for you. We hope that you’ve gained familiarity with the concept of equity in online poker and how it works. You can go ahead and make better poker equity strategies against your opponents. We would also advise you to play poker only on trusted websites to further your journey of understanding the game. May the Flop be with you!