Reason Behind The Popularity Of PHP
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Reason Behind The Popularity Of PHP Development - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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At Raindrops Infotech, we have an excellent team to handle PHP development and they’re passionate about the language.

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Reason Behind The Popularity Of PHP


Most of the websites you visit today would have some form of PHP coding in them. Whether

your website is built on WordPress, Joomla, Magento, or any another platform, you can be

certain that there’s some PHP present in the coding. It’s one of the most popular scripting

languages and is particularly used in server-side website development. At Raindrops Infotech,

we have an excellent team to handle PHP developmentand they’re passionate about the

language. They list the reasons mentioned below for its immense popularity in the web

development world.

1.Highly Compatible

PHP is commonly used because it’s compatible with a wide range of products and

services. It can be easily deployed on most of the web servers, on almost all operating

systems, and can be paired with several popular relational database management

systems or RDBMS. This ensures that a website with PHP coding will reach the maximum

amount of audience without any problems. PHP is also supported by almost all hosting

service providers; so there would be no compatibility or performance issues with the

host server. It’s such a well-known and popular coding script that even systems that

don’t support it are working on upgrades to change that.


PHP is open-source so developers are free to experiment and flex their coding muscles

by creating new plug-ins and lines of code. They can easily download the file and

upgrades to keep all website up-to-date and secure. The open-source format is

supported by comprehensive documentation so you won’t get into any legal trouble if

your use this framework to create websites or extensions. PHP is great for people who

are just learning coding and need to experiment and practice their skills as well. The free

software also reduces the cost of overall website development so you can hire PHP

developers at a lower cost.

3.Ease of Use

PHP is easy to learn and use, and the scrip is wonderfully straightforward. This allows

programmers to develop an in-depth understanding of the script and that helps them

create customized scripts for different purposes. Experienced and skilled PHP

programmers can easily create custom plug-ins and extensions to improve a website’s

functionality, which benefits the clients who hire them. The easy to learn and easy to

use characteristic of PHP draws many developers to become a part of this growing



As mentioned before, most popular CMS platforms are based on PHP and this allows

PHP developers the opportunity to tweak and customize the websites according to their

client’s requirements. Any website that’s developed in this platform is highly

customizable and flexible and a developer can add or remove any section of the code to

refine their program. This is very important in today’s market because new technology

and ideas are introduced on almost daily basis. The web applications need to be flexible

enough to accept upgrades regularly so developers aren’t forced to gut the entire

program and start anew. PHP allows easy upgrades to improve the functionality and

security of the website so it can be current and compatible at all times.

5.A Great Development Community

The PHP development community is very active and supportive. Developers add new

extensions and plug-ins to the public library regularly and help fellow developers with

coding hurdles. There are also a large number of tutorials and guides available online so

anyone can learn the language and find solutions to problems. It’s not uncommon for

PHP developers to ask for support and advice from the community on challenging web

development projects. This support helps improve the skill of the developers and that

has an impact on the end website.

6.Time of Development

The PHP framework is comprehensive and efficient, and the community offers a large

library of extensions and plug-ins. This means developers don’t have to write each line

of code present on the website. They only need to piece together the framework and

extensions and write any bits of code they can’t find in the library. This cuts down the

time of development significantly.

These are the reasons why PHP is so popular with developments. At Raindrops Infotech, we

have a team of experts and they can develop an excellent and reliable website for you so if you

want to hire PHP developers, you need to look no further.