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Paras Printpack - Packaging Pouches Manufacturers PowerPoint Presentation
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Paras Printpack - Packaging Pouches Manufacturers

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Paras Printpack - Packaging Pouches Manufacturers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Paras Printpack provides different types of packaging supplies like aluminum foil pouches, laminated rolls, custom printed pouches, standup pouches, spout pouches and shaped pouches. Recognized as top pouch manufacturers, we provide a wide range of packaging for food products. Visit here:-\n\n

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Paras Printpack


1)About Us


3)Some Useful Pointers About Using Stand

Up Pouches

4)The Significance Of Packaging Material

In Today’s Era

5)Contact Details


The Paraspack was incorporated in the year of

1998. Paraspack deals in several kinds of

packaging pouches such as printed pouch and

unprinted pouches. We believe in making the

finest products for our customers by applying

the latest technology. We have grown better

assembling capacities at Delhi-NCR and always

care about customer satisfaction with our work.


1- Food & Beverages

2- Pharmaceutical

3- Personal & homecare

4- Electronics

5- Automobiles

6- Agriculture

7- PET Products


In this vacillating consumer market, shoppers are continually bombed

with cheesy slogans and fancy advertising. They can understand these

cheap maneuvers and know when they are being taken for a ride. As a

result of this, bigger savviness amid customers, one of the most

significant things marketers can do to sell their merchandise is to make

them show up on retailers’ shelves. One way to achieve this is vialively,

alluring packaging that offers extra selling features, in addition to the

products they contain. The packaging industry has reacted suitably to

these trends. With matchless modernism like the stand-up pouch,

manufacturers of all varieties of items i.e. from candy to margaritas,

coffee to potting soil can find newfangled ways to grab customers’

attention, without altering anything about the actual merchandise.

Given below are some of the things that stand-up pouches offer:


• Stand up pouches are designed to stand on their own once they are

packed with products. Unique supports on the bottom of the package

enlarge when filled, giving the package a rock-solid base on which to

stand. Consequently, the pouches are preferably suitable for standing

on retail shelving so they can be front-and-center with shoppers.

• The tops of the pouches can be armed with a hang hole for hanging in

a peg display at retail. Bigger pouches can also feature a useful handle,

so it is easy for customers to carry the product from the store to their


• Because ease-of-use is such an imperative feature with customers,

pouches can also have tear-notches at the top, which makes it very

easy for the user to merely tear off the top when they wish to open the

bag. Tear notches eradicate the need for an additional tool, like

scissors, to open the package.

• Since most people do not ingest whole packages of a product in one

go, many manufacturers decide to include re-closable zippers on their

stand up pouch with handle. This is an tremendously desirable feature

amid customers who want to keep their foods as fresh as possible for a

long time.

• Stand up pouches take up a good deal of less space than customary

boxes, bottles or cans. Space costs money, whether in inventory or in

freight, so stand up pouches are truly economical.

• Even beverage makers are using these pouches as they exceedingly

durable and feature heat-seals that remove leaks. Rather than just

opening at the top, pouches can also be fortified with spouts or valves

that dole out liquid.


You believe it or not, nevertheless, the advent of printed flexible

packaging supplieshas solved the glitches of manufacturers universally,

particularly of those manufacturers who are into the creation of food

materials, packed-food or are concerned about the preservation of the

other eatable items. Be it oil or liquid, the printed laminated packing

transparent pouches or materials pack the stuffs in the best

conceivable way so that the packed things can stay well-looked-after till

they are delivered to the final destination. Now, we are throwing more

light on the availability of such supplies in the market and usage.


Supplies of packaging materials

Out in the market, there are abundant varieties of packaging materials

created by packing pouch manufacturer and such colossal varieties


• Printed flexible packaging material

• Packaging films

• Printed packaging pouch

• Zip lock pouches

• Sealed printed laminated pouch

• Plastic pouches, etc.


Now, let us move forwards and throw some light on some predictable

benefits of such packaging supplies:

If we principally talk about the households, then these packaging

materials are required here also. In the shape of sealed printed

laminated pouches, zippers and laminated rolls, you will find these

packing supplies at home, envisioned to pack the lunch of kids and

working members. Also, some materials are even used to cover the

crockeries to guard the cooked food from the unwelcomerubbish and

germs. The zipper printed laminated pouches and printed packaging

pouches are primarily meant to pack the lunch of school kids and even

refreshments when they go out for the picnic.

Not only this, but these packaging supplies also keep you strain-free

concerning the hygiene of the food prepared. Packaging is so

indispensable these days that you can't even visualize a product

entering the market with no packing. Certainly, be it cakes, candies,

wafers, snacks, biscuits, or other edible items, all comes under a

impeccable printed flexible laminated packing material that not only

conserves the items inside, but also seize the attention of the

customers seamlessly.

And with this, the manufacturers can equitably promote their

merchandise as well. Currently, pet bottles are also coming in as a

packaging material to pack the energy drinks, soft drinks, brews, syrups

and other liquid things etc. Thus, now we can imagine the vigor of such

packing materials and why the demand of pouch packing machines and

other associated equipments is speedily increasing with each passing



Plot No. 302-303

Udyog Kendra II, Ecotech III,

Greater Noida, UP-201306

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