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Forensic Technologies Market

Size, Share, Global Trends, Company Profile, Demand, Insights, Analysis, Research, Report, Opportunities, Forecast, 2014 - 2020

Upcoming: 2016

Category: Healthcare

Forensic Technologies Market Report Overview

  • Forensic technology is used for identification, interpretation and assessment of substantial evidences gathered from site of crime.

  • Forensic science has witnessed tremendous developments in its technologies which in turn have increased its application as well as demand in the market.

  • This technology provides effective and reliable results and so is employed for resolving many disputes.

  • The driving forces for this market include increasing crime rates and finesse in crime, which creates a demand for these technologies for solving such cases.

  • Also, the increasing eminence of DNA testing is contributing greatly to the development of this market.

  • The major factor limiting the growth in this market is the regulatory constraints for these technologies.

  • The growth opportunities in this market are increasing due to increasing backlog of cases requiring forensic aid and outsourcing of case results by the governments.

Forensic Technologies Market Report Overview

  • Competitive landscape

    • The major players in this market are Forensic Technology, Thermo Fisher Scientific, LGC Forensics, GE Healthcare Life Sciences, Everlert Inc. and NMS Labs.

    • Everlertrecently launched a digital forensic device, which provides premier screening at lesser price compared to CT scan equivalents.

  • High level analysis

    • The report analyzes global forensic technologies market with the help of Porter’s five forces model.

    • This model helps in accessing the constituents of this market such as the bargaining power of buyers and suppliers, threats faced by substitutes and the barriers for new entrants.

    • The report describes market dynamics to give a better understanding of current market scenario.

Key Benefits of Forensic Technologies Market

  • The estimations in this report are made considering present market scenario and future potentials for the period 2014-2020

  • The report explains the benefits of using this technology in gaining efficient and better results.

  • The growth drivers and restraints are described so as to know the factors which would affect the demand of forensic technologies in future

  • The market is segmented based on its products and services to give a better understanding of the present stage of technological advancement in this market

  • The segmentation based on geography helps in understanding the demand in various countries and in tracking the potential regions for growth

  • Porter’s five forces model is used to provide an insight of this industry

Forensic Technologies Market Segments

  • Market by Service

    • DNA Profiling

    • Fingerprinting Analysis

    • Drug Analysis

    • Firearm Analysis

  • Market by Product

    • DNA Testing

    • Biometric Devices

    • Ballistic Forensics

    • Digital Forensics

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