benefits of overhead storage n.
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Benefits of Overhead Storage

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Benefits of Overhead Storage - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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\n\n\n\nFor other uses e.g., parking, hobby work, home business, pet area safer than stepping around \n\nclutter or other potential hazards on the garage floor.\n

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benefits of overhead storage

Benefits of Overhead Storage

f reeing up garage space f or other uses

Freeing up garage space

For other uses e.g., parking, hobby work, home business, pet area safer than stepping around clutter or other potential hazards on the garage floor.

providing a significantly larger amount

Providing a significantly larger amount of storage space compared to other shelving options e.g., one 8’ x 4’ rack from SafeRacks adjusted to 46” from the ceiling provides almost 128 cubic feet of storage space (more than the average coat-closet)

garage shelving types

Garage Shelving Types

Wood ShelvingWood shelving can be an inexpensive option and is good for lightweight items like boxes or tubs. The pre-fabricated shelves that you can buy and assemble are easy to move around so you can reorganize inside your garage.

wire shelving wire shelving is made of metal

Wire Shelving

Wire shelving is made of metal and can usually hold quite a bit of weight but because it's wire and made with an open mesh construction, it's less sturdy than solid garage shelving. It's good for a humid environment because it allows air to circulate through the shelves.

steel shelving steel shelving is an excellent

Steel Shelving

Steel shelving is an excellent storage solution for your garage because the shelves are durable and able to hold heavy items. Since they're solid, unlike wire shelving, they're better for small items and can also hold more weight. 

adjustable shelving adjustable shelving

Adjustable Shelving

Adjustable shelving is a special type of garage shelving that allows you to move the shelves up and down. It's also sometimes called rail shelving because the first step in installing them is to attach a horizontal rail to the wall, and then mount vertical rails from the horizontal one.

ceiling mounted shelving for the garage that

Ceiling-Mounted Shelving

For the garage that doesn't have much wall-space or space for free-standing shelves, ceiling-mounted shelving is a good option.

utility cabinet shelving garage shelving that

Utility Cabinet Shelving

Garage shelving that needs to hold several heavy items like tools and equipment should be steel and as sturdy as possible for safety, so special utility cabinets and tool cabinets are the best choice for those items.

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