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Travertine Grout Cleaning Service in Queens, NY PowerPoint Presentation
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Travertine Grout Cleaning Service in Queens, NY

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Travertine Grout Cleaning Service in Queens, NY - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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D’Sapone is the best Travertine Grout Cleaning service provider in Queens. We offer Marble Grout Cleaning, Professional Grout Cleaning and stone polishing services.

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Travertine Grout Cleaning Service in Queens, NY

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the moment our queens artists perform tile

The moment our Queens artists perform tile and grout cleaning, you will know you have a sanitized floor or shower. Our cleaners are incredibly designed by pFOkUS chemists. They will penetrate deep into your grout lines bringing the surface to life in a powerfully vivid way. Once we clean your tile and grout, you will find that incredible look at every glance of your surface.

Simply cleaning the grout in showers or on floors is just placing a temporary band-aid on the situation. Sanded or non-sanded grout is based on concrete, absorbing any liquids easily that cause stains and mold. Once your grout has been cleaned, it will stain again if not sealed. We fix this issue permanently with our patented grout sealing process.

unlike other contractors we never use water based

Unlike other contractors, we never use water based sealers, peeling or wears off the grout within months. These sealers are very cheap and easy to work with, but will cause mold and stain issues in a short order. We use an exclusive sealer designed by pFOkUS, Caponi– a two part pigmented solvent titanium epoxy/resin. It penetrates into the grout creating a waterproofed surface to protect it from stains with a 5 year labor warranty. Caponi is chemical resistant. 

we clean natural stone marble slate travertine

We clean natural stone – marble, slate, travertine, and grout at the same time with a high alkaline – Imperia, seeping deep into the surface to eliminate all the stains and mold. Sometimes, even a powerful alkaline doesn’t release all the grout stains. We apply natural look penetrating stone sealers, keeping the durability.

marble grout cleaning service

Marble Grout Cleaning Service

We can achieve that cleanliness to your tile and grout, which you have never imagined before. This achievement was not possible without the use of Imperia – a deep penetrating cleaner designed by pFOkUS®. Imperia releases any soil without affecting the integrity of the surface. It also preps grout to be sealed while stripping the existing sealers.

grout is porous that needs to be cleaned with

Grout is porous that needs to be cleaned with a patented deep cleaning process. Our Queens artists will lift stains mold, mildew and stains at the root. Send pictures of your stained grout lines and get a free estimate today.

contact us

Contact Us

(718)412-101859-46 56th Dr Unit 2L Maspeth, N.Y. 11378