new e commerce businesses that will make a mark n.
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New E-Commerce Businesses that will make a mark in 2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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New E-Commerce Businesses that will make a mark in 2014

New E-Commerce Businesses that will make a mark in 2014

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New E-Commerce Businesses that will make a mark in 2014

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  1. New E-Commerce Businesses that will make a mark in 2014

  2. With an advance in the technology and growing competition in every business, there is always a need to carve a niche and E-commerce is not different than other businesses. There are certain kinds of business which are quite chewed and for new e-commerce ventures; there is a need to carve the niche. So, here are a few profitable niches, an e-commerce entrepreneur can eye on.

  3. Automotive Parts and Accessories • With more and more brands coming up with new automobiles, the automotive parts and accessories retail segment is a huge untapped e-commerce market. May be, you can start small and then escalate your marketing efforts to a new level. Automotive parts and accessories are difficult to obtain and in fact, if an e-commerce store resorts to one particular high-end model and sells the parts for the same, it would really provide value and help carving your own niche. • Hard-to-find products help in increasing the online footfalls to your store. You can also take help of online marketplaces in making your products popular. An agency might able to help you E-bay store design or Amazon store design.

  4. Hard-to-find Consumer Electronics and Accessories One of the most popular and hot-selling categories for online purchases remains to be consumer electronics and accessories. There are certain consumer electronics and accessories easily available on the online marketplaces or on competitor’s Ebay store design however; the new e-commerce businesses can find success by offering hard-to-find consumer electronics and accessories. Old video games, iPhone cases not readily available in the big stores, ancient electronics said to be obsolete along with their parts etc. can create a new room for selling it to the online audience. Right from the steam punk mobile phone cases to GPS-enabled dog collars, there is a lot more to stock when it comes to hard-to-find consumer electronics.

  5. Jewelry, Apparels and Accessories Online jewelry retail is picking up well. Get going with some unique products and accessories. Rather than selling the same bracelets, rings and jewelry on your store, try to sell handmade jewelry, vintage products with best in class craftsmanship and tactile designs. Hire an e-bay store designer or Amazon store designer who can arrange the products well off the shelf. Like Jewelry, apparels and accessories are mounting high in terms of online purchases. Check out for some unique most sought after apparels, not readily available on the competitors sites. It can be anything unique right from the belts, clothes, uniforms, piercing supplies or anything special.

  6. Toys, Hobby Supplies, and Games • During the 2013 holiday season, sales of toys and other related supplies grew by 13%. Selling specific supplies for children in terms of school accessories, toys, hobby supplies and games might boost your online presence. While venturing into this space, make sure that the toys and other supplies are durable, available for a wide-range of ages and not easily procurable from the mom and pop stores.

  7. Wrapping it all up, venturing into an e-commerce business is certainly still a lot of fun provided you sell hard-to-find products and lure customers. Hire an agency or E-bay store designer for a better marketplace merchandising and appearance. If You Want to Develop your business Online on any topic that Might we Can Help You : You Can Visit us on : - OR Feel Free to Contact US : - Phone: 631.236.5408