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A Great Locality to Purchase Real Estate in Chennai

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A Great Locality to Purchase Real Estate in Chennai - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A spate of progression plans signals the better future of the city and increases the demand of property in Chennai

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For a buyer considering purchasing real estate in Chennai a breakout location, one with a

great demand for residential as well as commercial property in the city is called

Arumbakkam. This region of Chennai is not as expensive as many of the surrounding areas

such as Anna Nagar and hence households unable to afford to buy apartments in Chennai

at the surrounding locality often gravitate towards Arumbakkam as like Anna Nagar this

locality too has excellent social infrastructure and well developed civic amenities.

As Arumbakkam is already a well-developed locality there is a paucity of new projects

in Chennai at Arumbakkam as the neighborhood is already well built and has many

developments standing within in confines making the availability of fresh land for new

developments scarce. An added advantage the locality has and which is considered a

great boon to those who reside at Arumbakkam is the connectivity with many other

parts of the city via the metro line. Such convenience is however not simply enjoyed

due to the presence of the metro line rather Arumbakkam is also well connected via

road with the rest of Chennai too.

in the mentioned neighborhood is highly

valued yet unlike many areas in the vicinity much of it is not yet beyond the reach of

the upper middle class or even middle income households.

Although much of the property in Chennai located at Arumbakkam is within the reach of

the upper segment home buyer, there are still a great many luxury apartments in

Chennai located at Arumbakkam as well. Such property is often priced above 1 crore with

a few units that are priced higher still. For a homebuyer keen to own apartments in

Chennai, Arumbakkam is an attractive locality as residents often remark that their

neighborhood provides the best of modernity while successfully resisting the trend which

has transformed other upmarket neighborhoods into concrete jungles. Unlike many of the

surrounding areas Arumbakkam has an abundance of greenery and some residents go so

far as to describe the locality as lush.

The price of flats for sale in Chennai is not as exorbitant as that in other parts of the

country yet even at this metro much of the property for sale is regarded as expensive by

middle class households. Arumbakkam however possesses a unique attribute compared to

the more upmarket surrounding regions that ensures that much of the flats at the locality

are priced within the budget of less affluent homebuyers. Furthermore as yet Arumbakkam

may be regarded as a destination which has yet to be discovered and the potential of its

real estate market remains as yet untapped. Similar to many other developments across

the country, Arumbakkam is evenly priced and with a greater inflow of capital into the

regions housing market and prices of real estate at Arumbakkam are likely to appreciate

further with the passage of time.

An additional advantage to owing real estate in Chennai at Arumbakkam is that the

region has a larger number of commercial enterprises within its borders as well. Many

such enterprises are multinational brands which add to the upscale appeal of the locality

and have the potential to transform this slightly upmarket and as yet affordable

residential region into a more prominent and much more highly valued destination for

real estate in Chennai.