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The Myth of Prometheus

A Dystopian Reinvention of the Myth of Prometheus

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The Myth of Prometheus

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  1. The Myth of Prometheus:A Dystopian Reinvention

  2. In the sprawling city that became of Earth, Olympus stood at it’s centre towering over the rest of the city. It could be seen no matter where you stood and it’s dominance was constantly felt by it’s inhabitants: man. Occupying Olympus was an elite group known as the Olympians, and at the head of this group was Zeus. The Olympians controlled every aspect of the city.

  3. Below Olympus, man wandered the streets aimlessly, like mindless shadows. That was until Prometheus, member of the former ruling class; the Titans, gave them voice and reason. Acting as man’s mentor, he gave them science, and the art of writing amongst other knowledge.

  4. A bill was being settled between man and Zeus as to what part of the man’s produce would be taken by the Olympians as tax. Knowing that Zeus would want to take all the cattle. The last of the traditional livestock still alive, Prometheus decided to scheme a plan to trick Zeus. He fabricated a tabloid that said a disease had spread throughout the cattle making them inedible.

  5. Prometheus had the tabloids distributed throughout the city and then showed it to Zeus who took the tabloid as fact. So Zeus signed the bill stating that they would only take rabbit amongst various other fruit and vegetables. After realising the trick Prometheus had played on him, Zeus became furious and decided to cut off the power lines going from Olympus, depriving man of electricity.

  6. Prometheus, unable to endure seeing man suffer without something as fundamental as power, decided to go to Olympus and steal one of the many perpetual electricity generators.

  7. Prometheus presented to man the perpetual electricity generator, and with it the knowledge needed for man to sustain themselves with unlimited power.

  8. For this Prometheus was punished. Zeus had him chained up in an underground bunker somewhere remote, where by day he was subjected to torture, bringing him to the brink of death, only to be nursed back to health at night so that he could receive the same treatment the next day.

  9. Zeus also felt it was necessary to punish man. So he had Hephaestus, chief engineer of Olympus, use his advanced knowledge of science to create a drug to give to man. The drug was to be so addictive that it would have become man’s eternal companion, and oppress him for the rest of his days. The drug was to be known as woman, and Hephaestus named the prototype Pandora.

  10. Pandora was given to Epimetheus who, despite Prometheus’ warning that Zeus might try to trick him, unwittingly accepted it.

  11. Once the drug reached man, it unleashed all the evils contained within him, and soon violence, chaos and despair swept the streets of the sprawling city.

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