5 ways yoga benefits your mental health n.
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Private Yoga Classes in Begumpet PowerPoint Presentation
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Private Yoga Classes in Begumpet

Private Yoga Classes in Begumpet

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Private Yoga Classes in Begumpet

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  1. 5 Ways Yoga Benefits Your Mental Health Ever notice how good you feel—mentally—when you're practicing yoga regularly?

  2. About PROGRESSIVE YOGA • “Progressive Yoga, was born out of the idea that one must start working on the physical health first, before reaching the level of mental health. In today’s world when no one has time to even think anything beyond their jobs, family and day-today chores, Progressive Yoga, is here to make people aware of the most important thing..

  3. 5 Ways Yoga Benefits Your Mental Health 1. It moves you from the sympathetic nervous system to the parasympathetic nervous system • Or from flight-or-flight to rest-and-digest. You typically have less anxiety and enter a more relaxed state. As soon as you start breathing deeply, you slow down out of fight-or-flight and calm your nervous system.

  4. 2. It helps you build your sense of self. • Through yoga, you get to know yourself and cultivate a more nonjudgmental relationship with yourself. You are building self-trust. • You exercise more and eat healthier, because your unconscious mind tells you, "I'm worthy of this me time, this effort." At the end of the day, everything comes down to your relationship with yourself. • When you get more confident and become more rooted in your sense of self and your center, you develop a healthy, balanced ego, where you have nothing to prove and nothing to hide.

  5. It improves your romantic relationship. When you're more centered and more peaceful with yourself, you'll be the same way with your partner—you'll view them through the same lens of compassionate, unconditional love. You're less reactive—for example, you may know that snapping at your partner is not a wise choice.

  6. 4. It helps you become aware of your "shadow" qualities. • The yoking of solar and lunar (light and dark) in yoga makes us recognize qualities in ourselves that we were not aware of, helping us be more mindful. A lot of my work centers on the shadow concept from Carl Jung. How do we look at those places in our bodies where we hold tension, tightness, knots of energy? That's typically where we are holding our psychological or emotional energy. We work from the outside in, so asana is so important. It's about doing the inner work to shift or change and be open to doing your best with your weaknesses and faults. • • •

  7. 5. It helps you deal with family of origin issues. • Essentially that's our karma—we can’t give back our family, we're born into it. It's about owning what I call sacred wounds (rather than blaming) and taking them on more mindfully. You’re the only one that can change—the only thing you can do is control your actions and your behavior. Other people will inevitably be forced to show up in a different way you’re showing up in a different way. Think of the Warrior poses—yoga helps you rise up and do your best. • •

  8. Our Clients

  9. Our Sessions: • Group Sessions • Private Sessions • • Group Sessions, are conducted in groups with about participants, having similar goals and similar conditions. Private Sessions, are tailor made, conducted one to one, depending on what the participant wants for him/ her. 5 to 15 Therapy Sessions • Therapy Sessions, are restricted need customized class in order to cure/control conditions, like Hypertension, strictly who to individuals and health