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English Tuition Singapore

English Tuition Singapore

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English Tuition Singapore

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  1. English Tuition Can Save Your Child.English is arguably the most important subject in Singapore. because it is the medium of instruction in all levels of education. We have witnessed many students struggle in Math and Science due to their lack of a strong foundation in English. Moreover, being able to read and write well in English will not only help your child in his academic career, but it will benefit them for a lifetime as they are able to become better communicators and thus command greater positions in their respective careers and personal life. Students in the Art Stream have also come to realize that a strong command of the English language will give them a huge advantage in humanities subjects such as Economics, History, Geography, and Literature. English Tuition Singapore

  2. science tuition Science is a powerful subject. It isn’t something intended only for the few. Every human being, no matter what occupation, will benefit from understanding some science in order to get through with our lives. For instance, what to eat, how will drugs affect us, whether to smoke etc. Science helps us understand our bodies and understand the world around us. Global warming, environmental toxins, biomedical research, and nuclear technology are some of the topics that science teaches us. Science helps our younger generation discover the fascinating world around them and better understand their crucial role in society. This is why we study Chemistry, Physics, and Biology.

  3. chinese tuition singapore Although English is the standard medium of communications in Singapore, one would definitely not appreciate the full extent of life in Singapore without having a good grasp of the Chinese language. Although a few decades has passed since our ancestors from China set their foot, Chinese has remained and will continue to be very relevant in our daily life.

  4. english tuition singapore SmileTutor Tuition Agency aims to be the best Singapore English tuition agency. Our efficient system and fair commission allows us to grow a large pool of English tutors in order to cater to the growing demand for private English tutors in Singapore. We strive to be the best provider of private English tutors in Singapore and to be the standard for Singapore English tuition.SmileTutor realizes that some parents may feel that English is an easy subject and that their child does not need English tuition.

  5. science tuition Looking for Science Tutor Singapore? SmileTutor Tuition Agency is the best Science tuition agency for science tutors. We know the importance of a having a good science tutor Singapore, and so we phone interview all our tutors before recommending them.  Knowing the important of Science, the Ministry Of Education (MOE) has made Science a compulsory subject for all students in Singapore. At PSLE level, it accounts for 25% of the total aggregate score. At secondary level, even arts students will have to take at least 2 science subjects at their O levels. In Singapore, more than half of our students choose the science path instead of the arts path. Since Singapore is known to be a tuition nation, science tuition in Singapore (Chemistry tuition, Physics tuition, Biology tuition) is becoming more popular as parents want their child to have an advantage over their peers.

  6. Let's begin with a Chinese idiom. The Chinese idiom 饮水思源 [yǐn shuǐ sī yuán] is quite a popular and commonly used expression. The meaning of this idiom is that one should never forget where he came from and should never separate himself from his roots. It is the right thing to do to appreciate your ancestral roots and to embrace the culture, just as one should not forget the source of the water that they drink from. chinese tuition singapore In a deeper meaning, it implies gratitude for blessings, to be thankful and to repay the blessings you have received. s you can see, the Chinese language is one that is extremely profound. To apply this particular idiom, we as Singaporeans should not forget that our ancestors sailed all the way from China and worked their hats off in order to establish the great nation we have today. We cannot lose our identity as Asians and as the offspring of our Chinese ancestors. This is why Chinese remains a compulsory subject and despite being difficult, our children continue to study hard at it.

  7. English Tuition Singapore SmileTutor realizes that some parents may feel that English is an easy subject and that their child does not need English tuition. They choose instead to focus on more technical subjects such as Science and Math. This is a common mistake and in years to come, they often realize that their child is unable to comprehend many things due to their poor command of English. We believe that having a strong command of English will serve to put one in a huge advantage over their peers not only in their education but for a lifetime!

  8. science tuition Science may be important for everyone, but not everyone can understand it well. This is because subjects such as Chemistry and Biology can be quite complex and require a lot of memory work and understanding of the fundamentals. Without a good chemistry tutor or biology tutor, students may find it hard to grasp the concepts taught in class. A good science tutor in Singapore will be able to provide individual attention to your child and specially instruct your child about the concepts.

  9. Let’s take a closer look at the importance of Chinese on a global scale. More than 1 in 5 people in the world speaks Chinese as their native language. China, with a population of 1.3 billion, is the largest market in the world and is speculated to become the largest economy in the world soon. With globalization, opportunities to work abroad and partnerships with China is a huge possibility. Without a good grasp of Chinese, you and your child will be at a great disadvantage. In a way, choosing to neglect Chinese tuition could mean severely shortchanging your future prospects! Why limit your potential? Singapore is a global hub, and is often seen as the link between western markets and Asian markets. Bring proficient is Chinese is nearly an absolute must if one intends to do business or work internationally. In fact, multinational companies are beginning to conduct interviews in both English and Chinese! chinese tuition singapore

  10. English Tuition Singapore For more information visit our site: