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PrimeArray Systems, Inc. - CD/DVD Servers & Loaders PowerPoint Presentation
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PrimeArray Systems, Inc. - CD/DVD Servers & Loaders

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PrimeArray Systems, Inc. - CD/DVD Servers & Loaders
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PrimeArray Systems, Inc. - CD/DVD Servers & Loaders

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  1. PrimeArray Systems, Inc.CD/DVD Servers & Loaders

  2. Founded 1999 – Leader in CD/DVD systems, NAS and iSCSI storage solutions market Thousands of customers worldwide Diversified mix of vertical markets, including business, government, manufacturing and education. The broadest CD/DVD, NAS & iSCSI storage solutions on the market Sales via worldwide channel network Company Background

  3. PrimeArray Product Overview CD/DVD Servers & Duplicators ServStation Base CD/DVD server solutions will store up to 1500 CDs or DVDs ProServer Multi-CD/DVD drive network attached storage solutions NetServ Combined storage solution of NAS with CD/DVD functions of Servstation Maxtet CD-ROM/DVD-ROM SCSI attached storage solutions DupliCore CD/DVD duplicators – from 1-to-1 to 1-to-9 systems Network Attached Storage FlexNAS Adds general storage to network and scalable to 8+ TB iSCSI Storage Systems AutoStor IP SAN Storage for the SMB – scalable to 16+ TB

  4. CD/DVD Servers & Loaders What is a CD/DVD server? A CD DVD server is a specially designed server to share information stored on CD-ROMs or DVD-ROMs with others in your organization or those who have access to your network

  5. What is a CD/DVD tower? We refer to a tower as a device that has only optical reader drives (CD-ROM and/or DVD-ROM), with no hard drive. These non-caching systems have as much capacity as the tower has drives.

  6. Why not just copy the CD/DVDs to our file server? For customers in an enterprise using high-end servers with RAID arrays, it makes sense to move CD- and DVD-based data to a CD DVD server. That frees up valuable space on their production servers, keeps the data online and potentially provides a CD/DVD-based backup for off-site storage.

  7. How easy is it to get the CD/DVD server up and running? Simply insert your CDs or DVDs into the server's optical drive(s) and an exact disc image is automatically copied onto the server's hard drive. A typical disc takes 5 to 10 minutes to copy.

  8. Can I set create multiple shares with different user access rights? Yes, it is easy to create multiple groupings or sets on a PrimeArray CD and DVD server. The same disc image can exist in multiple shares without any duplication.

  9. How scalable is the PrimeArray CD/DVD server/ DVD-ROM tower ? We know that digitized information can grow exponentially. Fortunately, the PrimeArray system will easily keep pace with your organization's growing needs. Hard disk capacity can start as small as 80 GB and be upgraded to 64 TB+ within a single system.

  10. 1500 District Avenue Burlington, MA 01803 Phone: 800-433-5133 Web: