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Schools in India PowerPoint Presentation
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Schools in India

Schools in India

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Schools in India

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  2. INTRODUCTION Indore has come up as a fast growing educational hub with modern and progressive orientation. Emerging awareness about knowledge society and information technology has transformed the city into an ever-growing space of challenge and opportunity for providing quality education in modern ambience in judicious mix with Indian ethics and culture. Prestige Public School, INDORE is well equipped to grow in synergy with this environment as a “Learning School” which will turn out well groomed, responsible, confident and caring boys and girls with a positive and balanced outlook.

  3. ABOUT US Prestige Public School is set to adopt new ways of learning creative skills in “learning to learn” in the new knowledge era. This would inspire and motivate all stakeholders - teachers, administrators, parents and children. Prestige Public School is committed to realise its vision by making its logo ​​”अमृत च विद्या” (Knowledge is Nectar) a living reality. Prestige Public School is firm in discipline but not harsh with its students. It has faith in the students and permits them to grow and develop by appreciating their efforts and encouraging their natural growth-irrespective of caste, creed, colour, gender and socio-economic background.

  4. FINAL DESTINATION FOR PARENTS There are many public schools in Indore, but parents should always try to find the best schools in Indoreand select the best one for their child. If a child reads in a good international school at Indore then he will become well educated, well mannered and ultimately extremely successful in life. This first step is the most important step for all the children. If any wrong step is taken at that time, then may be the child will not be able to grow into a confident and well educated person.

  5. FACT OF PRESTIGE SCHOOL All those who want to be sure of whether or not Prestige Public School deserves to be counted among the top international school in Indore. they should read the reviews and testimonials and talk to alumni students as well. For more information, one can visit and pass a judgment themselves after exploring the different information and facts listed at the site.

  6. ENVIRONMENT OF SCHOOL Schools are considered to be the temples where students go to gain knowledge. It is the first place where kids start learning something in a systematic way. Before that, kids used to learn things from their parents or other people but that is never enough for the kids to grow up and become one of the members of their society. To become a respectable member of the society, education is very necessary, for which every single child needs to go to best Indore public school.

  7. PHENOMENON OF PRESTIGE The type of facilities and teaching methods used at Prestige Public School is phenomenal. Top public school in Indore are willing to embrace the winds of change and adapt as per needs. Thus, rather than being stringent on the class details and teaching methods, they are willing to work on the methods of improvement. Thus, the journey of excellence is a never ending walk that takes them towards perfection.

  8. OPPORTUNITIES If students are sent to the best international school at Indore then they can gain knowledge along with entertainment. Students should take admission in a school that is based on the international standards. This will help the students to go to any country and get admission in any school easily. It is the reason why students prefer taking admission in such schools. Students from such schools also have global recognition and good job opportunities.

  9. WHY IT IS TOP SCHOOLS OF INDORE? Owing to the right orientation of teaching, most of the students from Prestige Public School have managed to perform fabulously well in a lot of spheres. A lot of toppers in various competitive exams hail from this school and thus the dedication to make their students perfect that has been the driving factor behind their success story and this dedication makes it top school of Indore.

  10. CONTACT US Address : Prestige Vihar, Sch. No. 74- C, Sector D Vijay Nagar,Indore– 10 , M.P. (India) Phone No. : 0731- 4016666, 4016602, 4016625 Email Website Url :