with travel bags online india you don t need to look elsewhere n.
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With travel bags online India you don’t need to look elsewhere PowerPoint Presentation
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With travel bags online India you don’t need to look elsewhere

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With travel bags online India you don’t need to look elsewhere - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Know your travel game. Here’s a list of bags before you buy luggage bags online.

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With travel bags online India you don’t need to look elsewhere

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types of luggage
Types of Luggage
  • There are various types of cabin luggage and check-in luggage.
  • The hosts of travel bags include suitcases, trunks, trolley cases and spinner luggage.
  • Other bags are roller cases, garment carriers, totes and duffle bags.
  • It is very easy to buy luggage bags online.
  • In this article, let us understand a comprehensive outlook of different types of luggage and the advantages of every type. You can also discover the type of Luggage that Suits You Best.
  • Wheeled luggage is the most famous choice in recent times whether it is check-in or carryon luggage that one plans to buy.
  • This is due to the ease they offer while walk with the luggage between the travel destinations.
cabin luggage
Cabin Luggage

Trolley bag

  • When choosing the size of cabin luggage, also called as carry-on baggage one must ensure it is also appropriate for international flights.
  • Trolley cases are a very famous choice for cabin luggage in recent times.
  • Trolley case is a wheeled upright trolley bagor travel bag that has an extendable handle along with a set of just two or four wheels.
  • The trolley cases are easy because most of them have extremely padded compartments used for laptops.
  • This discards the requirement to have two carry-on bags.
spinner luggage
Spinner Luggage
  • A trolley case which has four wheels is called a spinner luggage.
  • It is very easy to manage in any direction and can be easily pushed and pulled.
  • The advantage of the spinner luggage is that it does not actually tend to put any kind of weight on the arms when moving in any direction.
check in luggage
Check-in luggage


  • Suitcases are a very common and extremely practical option for a kind of check-in luggage.
  • They are available in various shapes and sizes.
  • The primary types are: Wheeled luggage and non-wheeled luggage. Soft and hard sided luggage are another type of suitcases.
  • Wheeled luggage and soft sided suitcases are famous, lighter and easier to carry around while travelling.
  • Wheeled luggage is extremely useful while travelling by train or buses.
  • They can also save you money in places that charge you for using luggage trolley.
  • There is an easy availability of these travel bags online India.
  • Soft-sided suitcases are generally expandable and can be very useful especially on the way back home.
  • The most famous suitcases in recent times are the wheeled uprights.
  • This is a suitcase that has an extendable handle on the top allowing pulling the luggage in an upright manner.
  • Wheeled luggage is very easy to manage and convenient to pull wherever the person is travelling.